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94Fifty: Motion Sensing Smart Basketballs [Kickstarter]

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Developed by InfoMotion Sports Technologies94Fifty are smart, motion sensing basketballs that gives you advance training whenever you want it. Launched on Kickstarter last week, the project has already raised $33,000 of its $100,000 goal with 26 days more to go. These “freakishly smart” basketballs have the size and weight of a regular basketball, but feature an additional Bluetooth enabled sensor that communicates with a smartphone app to measure stuff that helps you train faster.

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The basketballs can be recharged via a wireless Qi charging pad. Four apps are also included with the ball, each of which has a dedicated purpose.

Workout – to improve skills and motivate practice

QuickTraining – to focus on specific areas of skill

Compete – for head to head competition for up to 4 players

Challenge – to interact with other players around the world

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Below are some of the main features of 94Fifty basketballs:

Instant feedback – shot by shot or every dribble

50 different head-to-head competition choices

Skill-based leveling workouts that get more difficult as you improve

QuickTrain shot analyzer for shot speed, shot arc, and backspin

QuickTrain ball-handling for power dribbling, speed dribbling, and off-hand dribbling

Stores workout and competition history for up to 4 players for 3 months

Indoor/Outdoor synthetic leather cover

Wireless recharging and up to 8 hours of battery life

Up to 90 ft. range from hand held

Men’s and women’s/youth sizes (You will be able to select the ball size once the project is funded)

A minimum pledge of $195 is required to reserve one of these basketballs.

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