Edmonton Man Charged for Tesla Vandalism After Getting Caught on Video

Last weekend, an Edmonton Tesla owner who had his car vandalized shared a video of the crime on social media to help identify the man who was involved and today, that man has turned himself into police after watching that video online saying he became overcome with disappointment and embarrassment (via Global News).


Austin Grabas, 20, who is facing one count of mischief, said he had been cut off Friday night by a black sedan and when he saw the black vehicle Saturday, he thought it was the same vehicle.

Security video from Tesla’s built-in monitoring system shows a man getting out of a pickup truck then keying the vehicle before turning around, getting into his truck and leaving the parking lot.

“It doesn’t justify what I did,” Grabas said. “I have to be accountable for my actions,” he added about facing the mischief charge. “It was a stupid, stupid mistake.”

Police say the increase in technology in the world is changing how they work.