Tesla Debuts Model 3 Refresh in Canada, Model S, Model Y, Model X Sees Range Increase

As noted by the folks over at Tesla North, Tesla’s official Model 3 refresh for 2020 is now live in Canada. The refresh brings chrome delete, new aero wheel covers and power trunk, an updated centre console, as well as auto-dimming mirrors, and four new USB-C ports.

Model 3 aero cap 2020

The Long Range Model 3 now has an increased range of 568 km up from previous 518 km, whereas the Standard Range Plus version’s range has been increased to 423 km from previous 402 km.

Pictured below are the new 19-inch Sport Wheels known as “Stiletto Refresh.” Also, we can see the new centre console with storage and a sliding cover.

Model 3 stiletto wheels

Model 3 center console

The latest Model 3 refresh also includes a heat pump, as previously predicted.

At the same time, Tesla has also increased ranges for its Model S, Model Y, and Model X vehicles today.

Model y

Tesla Model Y Range Increase

The Long Range version now has a range of 525 km up from 509 km, whereas the Performance Model Y is seeing a range of 488 km up from previous 468 km. Pricing for the two versions has remained unchanged.

Model x

Tesla Model X Range Increase

The Long Range Plus now has a range of 597 km, up from 564 km, while the Model X Performance has an increased range of 549 km, up from 491 km in Canada.

Model s

Tesla Model S Range Increase

Tesla has also increased the range on its Model S Performance standard range from 560 km to 622 km. The Long Range version of the vehicle, however, did not increase its range, and is instead still sitting at 647 km.