Tesla App Notifications Not Working on iOS, Android for Some Users

According to a report by Tesla North, a number of Tesla owners are experiencing an issue with the Tesla app not sending any notifications or alerts on both iOS and Android devices. 

“My notifications seem to have stopped working now, worked fine on Friday morning when I charged,” wrote one user on the TMC forums. “But this morning there was no charge complete notification. And on trying to start charge a few times nothing,” the user added.

“I’ve tried the usual, log out and in and reinstalled the app but no luck. Can’t be the service thing as mine has never been in for a service as it’s only 3 weeks old.” 

The majority of users experiencing the issue are running iOS 14.7.1 and Tesla software version 2021.24.4. Many have suspected the issue may be related to Europe, specifically the U.K.

Numerous other users also chimed in, saying they also have stopped receiving notifications from the Tesla app, related to the charging status of their vehicles.

“I recently spoke to a service technician. Apparently some ‘systems’ are currently migrating from US to Europe and its causing a few ‘issues’”, said user ‘VanillaAir_UK’.

Many suspect the issue is related to something on Tesla’s side, as owners aren’t getting the app notifications they normally receive, thus losing important alerts when it comes to charging.

Tesla has not yet issued any statement regarding the matter. Let us know if you are also experiencing the issue in the comments section below.