Tesla Model Y RWD Launching in Few Months with Range “Significantly Higher” Than 482 km: Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on late Sunday the company plans to launch a rear-wheel drive (RWD) Long Range Model Y version “in a few months.”

According to Tesla North, Musk said range testing is currently underway for the Model Y Long Range RWD, which will have range “significantly higher” than 300 miles, or 482 km.

“Doing range testing now. Number will be significantly higher than 300. Extremely good for any EV, especially an SUV,” said Musk.

Currently, a Model Y Long Range AWD currently has 509 km range and an equivalent Model 3 has 518 km range.

Also, Musk confirmed Tesla will no longer produce a Standard Range Model Y, “as range would unacceptably low”, citing fewer than an EPA-rated 250 miles (400 km). For Canadians, this news means it’s highly unlikely a Model Y will start below $45,000 CAD, which is the limit for federal electric vehicle incentives of $5,000, currently available for the company’s entry Model 3.

Despite the Standard Range Model Y getting axed, Musk says the recent price drop of $6,000 on the compact SUV and the upcoming debut of a single motor Long Range Model Y will improve affordability, “while still keeping the product excellent.”

When someone guessed what a Model Y Long Range RWD would cost at $45,000 USD (about $61,247 CAD), Musk replied with a ‘side eyes’ emoji, suggesting he was unable to answer.

The Tesla Model Y launched in Canada last month and continues to deliver to customers across Canada. The Long Range version now starts at $69,990 CAD, while the Performance costs $83,990 and now includes the Performance Upgrade Package as standard (21″ Uberturbine wheels, performance suspension/brakes; aluminum pedals) instead of an add-on, plus a slightly higher range of 468 km.