Tesla Premium Connectivity Canada Pricing $13.99/month as Trials End in May

Tesla infotainment upgrade

Tesla has two Connectivity packages: Standard which is included for free and also Premium, which comes with a monthly subscription.

The Standard package includes free navigation, while the Premium Connectivity package has pricing at $13.99/month in Canada, offering LTE connectivity. The extra monthly subscription includes:

  • Navigation
  • Live Traffic Visualization
  • Satellite-View Maps
  • Video Streaming
  • Caraoke
  • Music Streaming
  • Internet Browser

“Premium Connectivity provides the ability to access all connectivity features over cellular, in addition to Wi-Fi, for the most intuitive and engaging ownership experience,” explains Tesla.

Premium connectivity end date canada

Image credit: Mayooran N on Facebook

For Canadian Tesla owners, you can now check the expiry date of your Premium Connectivity trial by logging into your account online. Most are seeing an expiry date of May 17, 2020 and if they wish to continue Premium Connectivity, it will cost $13.99 CAD per month plus taxes.