Elon Musk Teases Possible Tesla ‘Robovan’ For People and Cargo

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has teased the possibility of an upcoming electric van in a Tweet he published earlier today. “Maybe Tesla should make a highly configurable Robovan for people & cargo?”, Musk tweeted (via Tesla North).

Tesla robovan

In reply to the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley’s tweet, “Definitely need something bigger than the X. Is this possible?”, Musk posted a winking emoji, hitting that something of that sort might already be in the works.

Musk spoke about an electric van back in 2018 as well. “Maybe interesting to work with Daimler/Mercedes on an electric Sprinter. That’s a great van. We will inquire,” he said at that time.

When asked if Tesla should make its own sprinter van, Musk replied “Ok”. He added, “Lot on our plate, so it’s either get van gliders (no battery, powertrain or compute tech) from Daimler & produce sooner or do all & produce later. Not a big difference to total vehicles produced either way. Priority list is Model Y, solar roof tiles, pickup, semi, Roadster.”

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