Latest Tesla Software Update Increases Power Output of all Model 3 Cars

As pointed out by the folks over at Electrek, Tesla has started remotely increasing the power output of all Model 3 vehicles through a software update, just over a year after starting their production.


Tesla said it would roll out a bunch of upgrades to existing Model 3 vehicles through software updates when it launched the base Model 3 for $35,900 with shorter range and a new interior. The company had promised an increase in range for all Model 3 vehicles with a Long Range battery pack and rear-wheel-drive motor as well as a peak power increase for all Model 3’s.

The electric car maker is now starting to roll out the peak power increase update through its firmware version 2019.8.2. “Your vehicle’s peak power has been increased by approximately 5%, improving acceleration and Performance”, note the update’s release notes:

Electrek’s Jeff Benjamin received the update on his Model 3 Long Range RWD and noted that it does “feel a bit more peppy.”

During a call when announcing the base Model 3, CEO Elon Musk briefly addressed these over-the-air upgrades and said that Tesla now feels comfortable pushing the Model 3’s battery pack and motor to higher levels after gathering data from them being on the road for over a year.

The latest increase in peak power output should result in an increase top speed to 162 mph for Model 3 Performance, although, all Model 3 vehicles should feel a little more powerful.

Tesla announced their latest Model Y compact SUV at a company event last week, which starts at $64,000 CAD.