Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta Hits Canada ‘This Month’, Says Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday that the company’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta will finally start rolling out to Canadian Tesla owners sometime this month — reports Tesla North.

“Will begin limited rollout to Canada this month. Safety is paramount, so we have to confirm no significant issues, given slightly different road rules,” Musk said in a tweet, replying to a query on the subject from @NoahWebb_.

Musk reiterated that safety is the company’s primary concern, while again referencing the slightly different road rules in Canada (as compared to the United States) that have previously caused the launch to be delayed several times.

Canada has been on the waitlist for Tesla’s FSD beta since late 2020, with Musk saying in December 2020 that the beta would cross the border into the Great White North “very soon.”

The release was delayed again in April of last year, but the FSD beta landed in the hands of a very limited number of Canadian Tesla owners in October.

Last month, Musk said that Tesla would start “cautiously” rolling out the FSD beta in Canada sometime in the next “2 to 4 weeks.”

Tesla has been hard at work adapting Full Self-Driving to Canadian roads, with Musk noting in December that the electric carmaker had to do lots of “incremental testing and code tweaks for [the] different road system in Canada.”

At this point, we have a pretty good idea of what FSD will look like once it hits Canada — back in September, we saw some private testers share videos of the beta in action.

Musk did not specify who would be the first to receive the FSD beta in Canada, but the company will likely rely on drivers’ Safety Scores, which are calculated based on their driving habits, to determine who should get it first.

A Canadian release would mark the FSD beta’s first excursion outside the U.S., where it has about 60,000 testers at present.

While the Full Self-Driving upgrade for Tesla Autopilot was bumped up to $12,000 USD in the U.S., it currently costs $10,600 CAD in Canada.