Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory is Producing 1000 Vehicles Per Week

Tesla is reportedly manufacturing 1000 Model 3 sedans each week from its newly built Shanghai Gigafactory. Boiling it down, it appears the factory is able to produce 28 vehicles per hour.

According to a Global Times report, Tesla’s third Gigafactory was built and is now in a place to produce 1000 vehicles per week in less than a year. However, this is just one milestone for the factory, as the ambitions of the factory heads are hoping to upscale production even more.

During the factory’s opening ceremonies, Song Gang, the production director of the Shanghai Gigafactory, said that the factory produces 28 or more Model 3s every hour over a 10-hour workday. He continued to state that the factory will soon be able to manufacture 3,000 cars per week “in the near future.”

Currently, 30% of the China-made parts are being sourced in the country. However, the Model 3’s localization will help Tesla reach its goal to have it at 80% by mid-2020. The company hopes to have all the vehicle’s parts supplied by Chinese companies for the Shanghai plant by the end of the new year.

Tesla also aims to double the sales of the Model 3 sedan in China in the new year. In 2019, the company has sold roughly 30,000 Model 3s to the Chinese market.

Tesla also delivered the first 15 Model 3 sedans from the new Gigafactory during the opening ceremonies as well. Employees of the new plant who ordered a vehicle themselves received their vehicles as a part of the factory’s celebration.