The Internet Gobbled Up This Mashed Potato Sculpture Of Tesla’s Cybertruck

The announcement Tesla’s new Cybertruck has been met with some polarizing reactions. However, the subsequent preorder launch has been fairly successful, gaining over 250,000 preorders in the past week. Of course, the unveiling of a vehicle featuring such an unorthodox design would inevitably spawn many hilarious memes and reactions online.

One, in particular, caught the internet by storm this past weekend. Dan Milano, a senior producer from Now This News, posted a Twitter thread of his brother, Greg Milano, sculpting a small model of the Cybertruck from mashed potatoes during a Thanksgiving dinner.

Following along with the thread, Greg began forming the basic angular shape of the Cybertruck before etching in the windows and forming the large tires of the vehicle. Dan posted the video with the caption: “My brother has been working on a mashed potato Cybertruck for over an hour.”

After adding a few extra details, Greg didn’t stop there. He then proceeded to dig out the Cybertruck’s rear bed and install a mashed potato ramp. Being a stickler for the finer details, Greg wrapped up his creation by adding the smashed-in windows featured in the reveal showcase. Afterwards, he doused the finished product with a healthy serving of gravy.

This wasn’t Greg’s first mashed potato creation either. No, the thirty-year-old man has been modelling edible creations every Thanksgiving since he was a child. As seen on his Instagram account, his 2018 contribution to the internet was of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum.

The spud-filled escapades gained a fair bit of traction online. The initial tweet reached nearly 300,000 likes as of writing. The video even ended up being mentioned on a local news broadcast.