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25% Off Skype=Call Unlimited in Canada/USA for $2/month!

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Guess what? If you haven’t heard the news, you CAN download Skype in Canada for your iPhone (all it takes is a free US iTunes account). You can also set it up to make calls over 3G using your data plan.

Also, for those who talk long distance, you can also subscribe to Skype’s paid calling services, which are now 25% off on 12 month subscriptions until May 6th, 2009.


So that means instead of paying $2.95US for unlimited calling to Canada/USA, it now works out to $2.21/month ($26.55 for the year, or 7 CENTS/day!) after the 25% discount! Now this is a deal that has gotten even sweeter!

I just used Skype to call my grandma and it was great. No longer will I have to accept the Rogers long distance rate of 35 cents/minute, when I can now literally talk for pennies/day! 🙂

Click here to visit, as this discount expires on May 6th! Enjoy the savings! 🙂

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