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Google Books Now Optimized for the iPhone

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Looks like the Google team is at it again with their non-stop “iPhone-optimized” web pages! Their hard work is good news for the rest of us. Just yesterday they announced an optimized page for Google Books. This essentially turns your iPhone into an eBook reader, and will allow you to search their extensive database of about 1.5 million texts!

All you have to do to get to Google Books is visit on your iPhone. Once there, you can search away and start reading to your heart’s content.

So far the Google Team has released Google Reader, Gmail, Gmail Tasks, and previously iGoogle. I wonder what they’ll release next?

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How about Google Latitude?

What I’m patiently waiting for is the release of Google Latitude, the official stalking tool for all your friends and family! Google Latitude will soon be released in the Google Mobile App on the iPhone with an update. Expect it shortly. Watch the following video to learn more!

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