Apple Canada Refurbs: Apple Watch Series 1 Starting at $279

Apple Canada has restocked various refurbished Apple Watch models, with Series 1 in 38mm and 42mm now available, along with various Series 2 38mm models, with prices starting at $279. Series 1 models were launched a year ago, as an upgrade over the original Series 0.

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Here’s what’s available:

Apple Watch Series 1, 38mm – $279

  • Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band
  • Gold Aluminium Case with Concrete Sport Band
Apple Watch Series 1, 42mm – $309
  • Rose Gold Aluminium Case with Midnight Blue Sport Band
  • Gold Aluminium Case with Cocoa Sport Band

Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm – $319

  • Gold Aluminium Case with Concrete Sport Band
  • Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band

There are also still stainless steel Series 2 in 38mm and 42mm available, for $539 and $589 respectively. Last week we saw 42mm Series 2 models available for $349 CAD.

What’s the difference between Series 1 versus Series 2? Series 1 has a dual-core S1P processor, while Series 2 has an S2 dual-core processor and GPS/GLONASS, plus is water resistant (versus splash resistant on Series 1).

Series 2 a second-gen OLED Retina display which is brighter (1000 nits) versus Series 1 (450 nits).

As of a week ago, Series 1 38mm started at $359 CAD, but you can get a refurbished model here for $279, saving you $80.

Series 2 38mm models started at $489 before the introduction of Series 3, so the refurbished model saves you $170.

If you have no need for a new Series 3 and its option for cellular capabilities, a Series 1 or Series 2 can definitely still do the job depending on what you need. These refurbished prices make Apple Watch even more enticing, as their condition is good as new, minus the shiny retail box (the refurb boxes themselves are decent).

Let us know what you’re going to pick up—the aluminum versions will sell out quickly.