Apple Refurbs: Series 1, Series 2 Apple Watch Models Restocked Starting at $279 has restocked various Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 models in both 42mm and 38mm in the online refurbished store.

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38mm Apple Watch Series 1 in aluminium is available for $279 (released in 2016), while 42mm versions are $309 CAD. Buying these models refurbished will save you $50 and $60 respectively, versus buying new from Apple.

Meanwhile, 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 in aluminum is available for $319 CAD and 42mm models are available for $349 CAD (2016 models).

Apple Watch Series 2 models are no longer offered for sale by Apple and are definitely a good choice if you don’t need LTE connectivity, as offered with Series 3. You’ll be ‘saving’ $110 and $120 respectively versus Series 3, which comes with a W2 processor. Do note only the Series 3 LTE gets a ceramic back, whereas the non-LTE model gets a composite back.

All Series 2 Apple Watch models have a ceramic back, another bonus.

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Refurbished Apple Watch models come with the standard one year warranty and a plain white box, but also go through a “rigourous refurbishment process prior to sale”. We can attest refurbished Apple Watches we’ve seen are good as new.

These will sell out quickly, so click here if you’re looking to get one for a Christmas gift for someone.