Apple Watch Reduces Time Spent on iPhone, App Developer Finds

The Apple Watch is changing the way users interact with their iPhones: It reduces the time they spend on the handset, Kevin Holesh has found after analyzing the iPhone usage patterns of Watch owners using an app he developed. Moment tracks how much users and their families use the iPhone or iPad.

Before the Apple Watch shipped on April 24, Kevin recorded an average of 132 minutes and 48 pickups among the people using Moments. After that, the average went up to 137 minutes with 49 pickups. Averages were calculated from 1.8 billion minutes of phone use and 500 million pickups.


The data gets interesting when he separates the people using the Moment app before using the Watch and then compares it with data gathered during the couple of weeks after they got their watch.

Pre-Watch, he says, the average user spent 145 minutes a day with 54 pickups on the iPhone. Post-Watch, this usage time dropped to 141 minutes and 51 pickups per day.

A small step for mankind, but a huge victory for the Apple Watch.

What’s more interesting is that 60% of Watch owners registered a huge drop in iPhone usage after they got their wearable. Those who previously checked their handset very often now do so an average of 20 minutes less a day, and they also pick up the iPhone 9 times fewer each day.