Apple Watch Accounts for 52% of Global Smartwatch Shipments: Juniper

The Apple Watch has been around for less than a year but has already claimed top spot, accounting for half of all smartwatch shipments, according to the latest data from Juniper Research.


In the white paper entitled “Smartwatches: Clocking the Trend”, the research firm notes that the Apple Watch has been the most visible manifestation of wearable technology. It has dominated the market, due to the number of apps available for the platform: Apple says there are 10,000 Watch apps available in the App Store. By comparison, there have been only 4,000 apps developed for Android Wear.

Juniper estimates that total smartwatch shipments have reached 17.1 million, with consumers from North America, and the Far East and China being the most avid buyers of wearable technology.

Last month IDC also looked up its sources and reached the same conclusion as Juniper: The Apple Watch clearly dominates the market. IDC, on the other hand, went on to forecast that Apple Watch shipments would reach 13 million by the end of 2015, while Juniper’s analysts refrained from looking into their crystal ball.