Facebook Begs Its Employees To Ditch iPhones & Get Android Phones, Puts Up Posters In HQ Hallways


In an effort to improve the Facebook experience on Android platform, the company has put up “switch today” posters in its HQ hallways begging its employees to ditch their iPhones and use Android phones instead, TechCruch reports.

Facebook do you droidfood done

Apparently, the idea is that if more Facebook employees are using the Android app, they’ll report back with any flaws and suggestions to the team that makes the app who will subsequently make improvements. Looking at the posters, Facebook is asking its employees “Do you ‘droidfood?”, a combination of dogfooding and Android, hinting at eating your own dogfood aka testing your own products.

“I’ve attained some photos of the vaguely propagandistic posters found around Facebook’s Menlo Park campus. The most telling one is a graph of the International Data Corporation’s projection for shipments of Androids vs iPhones. It shows Google’s OS getting bundled with twice as many devices as Apple’s by 2016. If Facebook can’t even out the ratio of iOS to Android-toting employees soon, it could end up neglecting the vast majority of its smartphone app users”.

Facebook here come the androids

The source also points out that Facebook maximizes the number of bugs it hears about from its 4,000 employee-testers. This means If Facebook employess like the taste of Droidfood, they could make sure it’s not their actual users “shaking their phones in fits of anger”.


  • Sean

    So I guess they won’t listen to their users, unless they’re also employees?? Typical.

  • John

    This is so gay…

  • Farids

    Well, Facebook is now fully embedded in iOS. So, the reasoning doesn’t make sense. Facebook going against Apple and potentially damaging their relationship by openly asking their employees to switch to Android. It’s not so hard for a company like Facebook to get 200-300 testers, supply them with Android phones and take daily reports than screwing up its relationship with Apple. The fact Android sells more than iOS doesn’t make sense as a valid reason. Facebook can and is using both companies and doesn’t have to ditch one in favor of another. Android sells more than iOS, but we are talking millions of devices, not one or two. I think there may be another reason we don’t know yet. Or inaccurate report.

  • einsteinbqat

    Tons of rubbish from Facebook. They have enough money to hire testers. Zuckerberg should just start listening to its users, too, and not just his employees! Perhaps they would find bugs much quicker!

  • BrodieTheDog

    Well Facebook is doing horribly on the stock market and most android phones are considerably cheaper. Lol

  • dennis

    and that correlation means what? finish you thought canine.

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  • BrodieTheDog

    Dude. I would have to agree with Gary on this one. The correlation is simply that Facebook is being cheep.

  • Ksmit

    Unless Facebook is willing to buy their employees new android phones, they can’t expect their employees to just ditch their current phones (ios or not)

  • bob

    he was referring to the “dog” part in his username

  • ticky13

    Nice work on the homophobia.

  • Matt

    I like how you’ve all missed the point of the article. They aren’t ditching iOS nor are they only listening to their employees (how on earth you got that out of it… I don’t know). They want their employees to effectively act as beta testers for their android client so bugs are addressed quicker. And they’re doing that because android handsets are outselling iPhones.

    The more people internally that are using the client = the better a chance bugs are addressed.

    Also if you look at the last picture it sure looks like the company is going to help employees purchase a phone, otherwise why ask for personal information?

    Good lord. It really wasn’t that hard to follow, was it?

  • xxxJDxxx

    I think its interesting that this implies that the very tech savvy people who work at facebook favor ios over android.

  • Vikram662

    There is nothing homophobic about his comment.

  • lol @ homophobic

  • Vikram662


  • nevermind!

  • Vikram662

    You didn’t think it was a word did you! 😉

  • nah, it’s not that 🙂

  • Vikram662

    TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ticky13

    Really? What would you call it then when someone uses “gay” as an insult?

  • ChunkyPanday

    This remark *is* homophobic! What would Usman know about homophobia? He comes from a Muslim country, where caterwauling homphobic comment is trendy! Don’t get me wrong- I am Muslim, and have lived in a Muslim country to know this information first-hand! Calling something ‘gay’ is a slur. There, you were just educated. Don’t do it again, is all I can ask.

  • Brian

    It’s got to be more sinister than that. Why would the logical, simple assumption be the correct one? hahaha

  • Brian

    Or maybe they want to get the ratio closer to the 3:1 that they foresee purchasing Android phones in the next few years. Do you really think most tech savvy people use iPhones?

  • xxxJDxxx

    This poster certainly suggests that more Facebook employees use iOS than the ratio of the rest of the population. So, yes.

  • Brian

    Or they want to have a higher ratio of Android users than exist in the general public, since there are many more types of Android devices, and Apple is already working with them to fine-tune Facebook for iOS. But nah, lets just assume that tech savvy people prefer Apple.

  • xxxJDxxx

    What you are saying is entirely possible, but it doesn’t change the fact that in your scenario the employees are still ‘choosing’ to use iOS and having to be told to use android.