Tweetbot for Mac Released for $20 But in Limited Downloads Due to Twitter


Tweetbot has released their Mac version in the App Store and it’s available for $20. The price isn’t the surprising part of this release–it’s the fact limited numbers will be available for purchase due to Twitter’s restriction on token limits; the higher price is because Tapbots wants to be able to support the app once it’s no longer available for download:

Because of Twitter’s recent enforcement of token limits, we only have a limited number of tokens available for Tweetbot for Mac. These tokens dictate how many users Tweetbot for Mac can have. The app’s limit is separate from, but much smaller than, the limit for Tweetbot for iOS. Once we use up the tokens granted to us by Twitter, we will no longer be able to sell the app to new users. Tapbots will continue to support Tweetbot for Mac for existing customers at that time.

The current Tweetbot alpha/betas will soon expire and Tapbots encourages trial users to revoke their access tokens in your twitter settings to free up more for the company. Tweetbot for Mac was developed in part by Calgary developer Todd Thomas.

Are you going to buy Tweetbot for Mac?


  • I’m sure it’s a great Twitter client…but can’t justify $20 for it. I’m sure there will be lots of folks that will buy but I’ll have to pass. 🙁

  • yearoftherat

    The iPhone app is great but $20 is way too steep…

  • Anthony ?

    I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the cost as most of my posts to Twitter and are done via the Tweetbot and Netbot iOS apps. No, $20 isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things, and isn’t a lot for a decent Mac app either, but this is a Twitter client we’re talking about and there are several other good Twitter apps in the MAS for less than 1/2 of this price. While Tweetbot is a good client, I don’t think it’s so much better than its competitors that this price is justified.

    Of course, there’s been a lot of “Twitter outrage” over the price, along with much self-righteous commentary supporting the price while deriding the complainers by the usual bloggerati suspects, which is par for the course. At the end of the day a lot of people will suck it up and pay for it, while others will complain.

  • I like using Hootsuite for my twitter needs. I like tweetbot for iOS but I don’t love it that much to pay $20, although I’m sure it’s worth it.

  • einsteinbqat

    For what you are doing, HootSuite seems more fitted than Tweetbot. Tweetbot is more fitted for personal, day to day. HootSuite is more corporate, business, enterprise oriented.

  • Kirk

    Just like the rest of you guys say… WAY too expensive!!

  • How long does it take for Twitter to give them more tokens? And will the price go down once that happens?