‘Best Canadian Brands of 2012’ Includes Rogers, Bell and Telus


Interbrand has released their report on the Best Canadian Brands of 2012, and Canada’s ‘Big 3’ carriers are included in the top 20, plus RIM’s Blackberry.

About Interbrand’s report:

Published every two years, Best Canadian Brands ranks the top 25 Canadian brands according to value and provides insight into their ability to manage brands effectively as a contributor to business performance. 

Here are the ranks of Rogers, Bell, Telus and RIM’s Blackberry among other brands in Canada. Previous 2010 ranks are in brackets:

1. TD
2. Thompson Reuters
3. RBC
4. Blackberry (4)
5. Scotiabank
6. Tim Hortons
7. Lululemon
8. Shoppers Drug Mart
9. Bell (7)
10. Rogers (8)
11. BMO
12. CIBC
13. Telus (15)

In terms of brand value in dollars, Blackberry led the way at $6.4B dollars. Bell’s value is at $3.0B (+25%), Rogers at $2.9B (+32%) and Telus at $1.9B (+59%).

You can check out the entire PDF report here as it provides insight on each brand. What are some of your favourite brands in Canada? Do these brand rankings really matter?

[Interbrand via MobileSyrup]


  • DjDATZ

    Fuck ’em all. They’re all garbage. (Specifically, the 3 carriers.)

  • Nick

    and you’re commenting this while using one of there 3G, 4G or LTE networks.

  • Dawold

    im sure this article was made by paperclip pushers for paperclip pushers. we all know banks and big three are rip offs and Tim hortons should be nunber one.

  • DjDATZ


    Nope, I was on my work connection 😉 But yes, I am using Rogers/Fido’s HSPA+ connection for my iPhone. Are there any better choices? Nope. I’m still allowed to say they’re garbage.

  • Joe

    Rogers especially, is probably the worst corporation I have ever dealt with in my 30 years on this earth.  It’s hard to imagine there could be more restrictive, deceptive and predatory practices at any other place of business in Canada.  The ranking must be largely based on the fact that these companies are all huge.  Obviously the person making the list has never had he pleasure of a Rogers wireless customer service interaction.