Fido $50 Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk and Text Now Available for 2 Year Terms


Fido has modified their $50 Canada-wide talk and text plans to allow for three year terms, instead of just two, as of March 9th, 2012. This means those signing up for three year plans for a maximum hardware subsidy will now be eligible for this plan. It is available for new and existing customers.

Here’s what’s included for $50/month:

  • Minutes: unlimited Canada-wide
  • Incoming Calls: unlimited Canada-wide
  • Circle calling: unlimited Canada-wide
  • Evenings and weekends: unlimited Canada-wide
  • Text messaging: unlimited Canada-wide (from Canada to USA/Int’l)
  • Requires a data plan add on

Users at HowardForums have noted the first month is free, and there is no activation fee. Some people were able to get caller ID and voicemail for an additional $5/month. Let us know if you’re going to move to this plan.

[via MobileSyrup, HoFo, Fido]


  • David

    WOW – Just like Mobilicity + Wind, except for US Long distance, data and it costs $10 more!

  • Sefe91

    At least it can be used with an iPhone.

  • David

    True – so if you buy a iPhone on Fido you are paying less than Rogers, but you get the phone you want.  If you buy an Android or BB on Fido you are paying more than the other companies but due to coverage that might be the best of the worst!

  • William

    just switched both iPhones to the $50 plan..pretty good deal since I actually saved money for once..and I can use my Fido $ to pay for my upgrades because I got two iPhones under the same account

  • Jasonxx8

    Koodo is the best cheap n unlimited voicemail caller I’d n 50 text messages included globally for just $50.00 + add $2.00 for long distance that will make all calls to USA n India n so for jus 5 cents a minute $5.00 tax so basically ur bill never ever go over $60.00. U can call anywhere in canada from anywhere within Canada without getting charged long distance charges.

  • Meena00

    My spouse has the same plan from Fido, but pays 35+12 (value package) which cost abt 52-53 every month with tax .. Here is the best part, it is w/o any contract, so we can cancel it anytime.

  • Greed

    same? as in exact?

  • Les

    I have this plan, it’s great; zone-free!

  • Les

     And if you already have a MagicJack account there’s a free app that lets you call the US for free!

  • Luqi Shahzad414

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