Fido: iOS 6 Bug Related to Data Usage Over Wi-Fi Does Not Exist


Over at the Fido Technical Community forums, the moderators there have concluded the widespread bug in iOS 6 related to data usage while being on Wi-Fi doesn’t exist, as the team is unable to pinpoint the problem:

Hi everyone,

Fido has confirmed that there is no issue. The data issues (where Wi-Fi connected phones are using mobile phone network data) reported in the U.S. do not apply to our OS version.

It is important to note that with the high download / upload speeds with LTE, data may be consumed at a quicker rate.

You can use the Fido My Account App to track your usage directly from your phone.

If you believe that there is an issue, we’d suggest that you bring it to an Apple store to have your phone checked.

We first highlighted this problem back in early October as it affected users on Rogers, TELUS and Bell as well. All of these carriers confirmed with us directly that the problem that originally occurred in the U.S. does not affect users in Canada. However, users in Canada still refuse to accept this conclusion since third party data tracking apps have noticed data usage while on Wi-Fi.

Some users have been able to pinpoint iTunes Match or Apple’s Podcast iOS app as the culprit for these data leaks over Wi-Fi. Are you still suffering from this iOS 6 bug?

Thanks @rsgreenx!


  • I haven’t pinpointed why, but since upgrading to iOS 6 I have consistently gone over my 6GB data plan 3 months in a row (had iOS 6 beta), for the first time in 4 years. I’m not on LTE either, I have an iPhone 4S. On Bell. I paid a $600 phone bill last month because of it.

  • Guest

    PS. I had iOS 6 beta, which is why I’ve had it for 3 months now. Before the correction nazis try to murder me. πŸ™‚

  • Ouch. They didn’t try to remove the charges?! That’s insane.

  • B in Ott

    FIDO has its own iOS version? Im pretty sure that the last time I checked we were all running the same iOS.

  • In the beta’s, Wifi plus Cellular was an option, so if the phone decided the Wifi connection wasn’t great enough, it would default to cellular data. This was found in the Settings, however when the Gold Master came out, this option was gone. I suspect that the option is enable full-time now and hidden from us…

  • Anthony ?

    That’s a load of crap. I got my iPhone 5 on Wednesday and (since I was home sick) hardly left the house at all between Wednesday and Sunday. The phone was connected to WiFi the entire time and the few times I did go out I didn’t do anything data intensive. On Monday morning when I checked my usage, it was at 850Mb (in 4 days) which is pretty interesting considering that my typical monthly usage is around 1GB and that’s with pretty heavy daily use, etc.

    I use iTunes Match so I suspect that might be part of the problem as it’s been identified elsewhere as being problematic. I trust Fido about as far as I can throw them, and being as they’re a Canadian carrier to me that pretty much means anything that comes out of their mouth is a lie.

  • Mike

    The dropbox app seems to be a problem too. I used 650mb of data while listening to an hour long mp3 that was stored locally.

  • Robt

    I love how they say LTE may lead to faster usage. No kidding. But downloading 10 mb of data should still be 10 mb of data, whether on LTE or 3G. Fido’s unwillingness to deal with a clear problem is weak.

  • GamingSV

    Never had this issue on Telus…

  • Noelle

    I’ve had an iPhone in one form or another for the last four years or so (currently using a 4S), first with a 1G plan, and then upping it to 2G on a shared plan with my daughter. In all those years with moderate average data use, I never came CLOSE to going over my data plan…and then, beginning in October, and after installing iOS6 (and the new podcast app), my usage skyrocketed – resulting in an $800 bill (Rogers). I spent an hour on the phone with a Rogers rep who insisted, even after me demanding to speak to a manager (and him refusing to put me through to one), that there was absolutely nothing Rogers would or could do to reduce my bill – and to add insult to injury, kept repeating to me that it was “legitimate usage”, I must have been doing something to cause it, etc. etc. He wore me down until I just ended up saying they’d have to wait a long time for their money. He then put me through to tech support who advised me to just “try keeping your 3G turned off”, and to “monitor your usage daily using our myRogers app”. What???? Why should I have to all of a sudden be so vigilant about my phone use when I’ve never had to be for the last four years? What’s the point of paying for a 3G phone when I can’t even use it?

    Honestly, I’ve been a Rogers customer since the days of the old Motorola flip phone with the raised battery pack on the back, and I shudder to think of probably the 10s of thousands of $$$ I have contributed to their world domination scheme….where do they get off being SO arrogant with a long time customer in good standing?

    I’m so glad I was directed to this forum…I have been inspired to continue the fight!

  • As difficult and frustrating as it is, I’d keep fighting. Turn to twitter and tweet @rogershelps

  • Anthony ?

    They’re referring to the carrier specific update they apply to the device when you connect to their network. All devices run the Apple build of iOS.

  • uKnOwWhAt

    No problem here. I have been keeping track of my usage and everything seems fine.

    Most people get a big fuss about stuff like this without checking the usage themselves. All they read are the news and start complaining about things that weren’t affecting them.

  • glacasse

    If you believe there might be a problem, try using the new Onavo Count app to see what is using the 3g over Wifi. I installed it today and it helps me keep track of the data I use over cellular. I don’t have iTunes Match but the Podcast app seems to be using a few megs here and there and I don’t know why.

    Onavo also makes another app to compress data that I’ve been using for a while now.

  • Clay

    I was not aware that Fido tech support are iOS programmers.

  • I have an iphone 5 – no crazy bills as i have 6gb of data, but i have spotty data service where my old phone has perfect service (wife has it) rogers response: Reboot your phone and leave the LTE setting off..
    umm.. seriously? πŸ™‚ go rogers?

  • Joseph

    I strongly recommend you appeal to the CRTC complaints forum. They’re currently accepting feedback and complaints from the major telecom customers to decide their next legislation of how the ‘Big 3’ and other companies should be operating. Your story should be heard there!

  • JTrimble

    I have a similar story as Noelle but not quite as bad. I looked at my last Rogers bill and noticed that I had been charged $18 for going 350 meg over my 1 Gig cap. In my past 4 years owning an iPhone I’ve never gone over 500 Meg (except once by 50 meg). Suddenly I’m using over a Gig? So I called Rogers to see if this was an error and the person I spoke to was trying to tell me I must be using the data and to use the MyRogers app. She also tried to tell me that because I bought an unlocked phone from Apple they couldn’t send me text messages when I was about to reach my cap so I had no warning. I had her transfer me to someone more technical where we discussed the issue and she was very helpful. We noticed that I was already at 1 Gig usage 1 week into my billing period which is INSANE. So she had me look at my iCloud settings to make sure cellular data was off, which backups were, however I had Documents & Data turned on to use cellular. I’ve turned that off and checked other settings where you could specify whether to use cellular and turned them off. Thankfully since doing that I’ve used very moderate data (15 meg in a couple of days).

    Something in the upgrade to iOS 6 has turned on cellular usage without our knowledge as I never had this problem with iOS 5 versions. Why these settings defaulted to on is anyones guess, but I suspect collusion with the phone companies by Apple. πŸ˜‰

  • Reality.Bites

    Tried it – Onavo can’t find the data being used. It says I’ve used about a MB since yesterday. Tangoe rTem (which measures data usage) and Fido say I’ve used. 10 MB. This despite not browsing a single web page, sending a single email, tweet or anything else. Checked my use before leaving work at 18:46. It was 2.9 sent and 8.1 received.y the time I got home at 20:15 it was 3.3 sent and 13.9 received. Received maybe 3 emails (text only) that I didn’t even read. No itunes match, maps turned off, pretty much everything turned off.

    I have to keep cellular data turned off at all times except when I decide to check my mail. Don’t dare actually use it for anything.

  • Sara

    Just got off the phone with Bell. I’ve had my iPhone f for just over a month and noticed my data usage was more than quadruple what it typically was in the same amount of time with my old iPhone 3GS. I tested it this evening at home while on my wifi connection, and watched the cellular usage data go up and up (in a matter of a few minutes it had gone to 5KB sent and 6KB received) all while I was on Wifi. Tech Support at Bell said they knew of the issue of data being used while the phone was connected to Wifi. There was nothing they could do – they are just waiting for a fix from Apple. He suggested I turn my cellular network off while at home. He did say they have heard from several Bell customers who are calling because of astronomical bills they’ve been receiving. I am going to have to call tomorrow to see if they will do anything with my bill – I went almost 1GB over.

  • djkwartz

    I don’t know if I still suffer from this problem as I’ve changed the way I use my phone since I’ve pinpoint the problem to the Podcast app (v1.1.1). However, I’m still fighting with Rogers regarding this issue as they don’t take my situation seriously.. for them there is no problem so it seems to be an easy way out for them and have tons of people pay for data they didn’t consume explicitly over cellular (since it’s due to a bug)

  • Sara

    I reset my network settings last night. This appears to have solved the issue of data being consumed while on WiFi. I still think there’s an issue with iOS 6 with excessive amounts of data are being used in other ways though.

  • community well wisher

    If you are getting a bill for more than what you are suppose to receive and you have contacted your service provider and they are not willing to correct the bill…. call the police cause it is a criminal matter as it is a fraud under $5,000. Make sure you write detailed information of the people (Fido/Rogers that you have spoken to regarding this matter and hold them responsible personally (meaning they need to be charged with a criminal offence) and the executives of billing needs to be charged with criminal offence. Cause it is their JOB to investigate and I know from personal experience that they take it lightly as they feel no repercussions yet the repercussions are severe as long as you go about it the right way.