Fido Launches New ‘Smart’ and ‘Max’ Voice and Data Plans


Fido has launched new Smart and Max voice and data plans today. The new plans range from $40 to $80 with the amount of data, minutes and calling features being the difference. Details below…

Smart Plans – all include Call waiting, conference call, unlimited international texts, circle calling, 5pm evenings, and no system access fees.

  • $40: 200 anytime minutes, 100MB data
  • $45: 250 anytime minutes, unlimited incoming, 200MB data
  • $50: unlimited CityFido calls, 500MB data

Max Plans – Call waiting, conference call, unlimited international texts, circle calling, 5pm evenings, and no system access fees.

  • $60: 300 anytime minutes, unlimited incoming, 1GB data
  • $80: unlimited incoming/outgoing calls, 1GB data, Canada-wide long distance, 1GB data

Note that these new plans will have voice calls billed by the minute, a recent change made in July from Fido’s former billing by the second. 2-3 year terms will have the $35 activation fee waived.

Do also note Fido has their $60/month 6GB voice and data plan recently launched as well.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on these plans!

Thanks Ex!


  • Frankie

    If anyone calls and threatens to leave Fido, they’ll be transferred to customer care and will be offered amazing deals that are not advertised. However, Fido has to absolutely believe you’re leaving. If they threaten to make you pay penalty, say ok, bill me!! I’m on City Fido: unlimited incoming and outgoing ANYTIME voice minutes, unlimited international text, voicemail, call display and 6 GIGABYTES of data for $68.00 plus tax!!! So, I’m paying $12 less than the $80 plan and I have 6 times the data! and voicemail and call display but no canadawide long distance (which is $10 if bought separately!) anyone can call and negotiate this, but Fido has to absolutely believe you’re leaving!!! Rogers has the same deal for $78.00!

  • Nice plan. Retentions is definitely the way to go.

  • George

    turn ons: the talk is pretty good for its dollar.
    turn offs: 2-3 year contract, no caller ID, txt msgs are only SMS and not MMS.
    so-so: the data could be better in higher increments since you have to be locked in.

    if the Smart Plans included (or any Big3 plan) caller ID and was this price tag, then it would be pretty good.

  • Marc Noel

    I just got off the phone with Fido about switching to a Smart plan. Because my wife and I are in 3-year contracts, we are ineligible, as the Smart plans are for 2-year and month-to-month customers. Due to us having been customers for over 13 years, I was able to get 500 Mb of data for the same price as 100, which was my goal. I lost 50 mins. of Canadian long distance, but then added 50 mins. of Canada and US long distance for $ 5.00. So my bill went up $ 5.00/month, but I now have US long distance and an extra 400 Mb.

  • Marc Noel

    Thanks, Gary.

    PS. I tried to edit my previous post to include the thanks, but it wouldn’t let me edit or cancel.

  • Marc Noel


    How did you first get your 6 Gb of data?  I did get it two years ago for $ 30.00 a month, but found I was using only about 20 Mb a month, so I downgraded to 100 Mb a month.  Over time, my usage has crept up, so having 500 Mb now (see my post elsewhere) helps, but I am curious if I could get 6 Gb if I try.

  • Cheers Marc. I believe registered disqus accounts allow the ability to edit posts.

  • Djelimon17

    Phoned fido last week they said 6GB no longer on offer. What gives?

  • BugNo2

    Fido needs a data sharing plan!

  • cyruskafaiwu

    A bit late, but you should note that they only allow Max Plans on 3 year iPhone 5 agreements.