Fido Launches New Unlimited Canada-Wide Smart Plan for $57/month


Fido has announced a new unlimited $57/month Canada-wide smart plan. Here’s what’s included:

  • Unlimited SMS/MMS, International texts
  • Unlimited anytime minutes
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited 5PM evenings and weekends
  • Unlimited Canada-wide long distance
  • 1GB of LTE ready data
  • Value pack included: caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding
  • Available monthly or on a two year term
  • $57/month; ends November 25th

It’s listed on Fido’s website, as seen below:
fido canada wide

Now this looks to be a pretty decent plan compared to what we saw announced earlier today from Bell and Rogers as the value pack is included and evenings start at 5pm. Anyone getting this?


  • Note that according to the Fido rep I spoke with the other day, you can’t use this plan for a subsidized iPhone… otherwise it would be an excellent deal!

  • Sandy

    Why does it matter that evenings start at 5 PM if the plan has unlimited anytime minutes? Am I missing something?

  • Renegader

    Think Rogers retention will match this?


  • Why would we need evenings at 5 pm when you get unlimited anytime minutes?

  • Whoa, now that’s a nice deal.

  • AZ

    Really? Did they tell you why? I thought you were allowed to switch to any plan as long as it’s over 50$

  • Baris

    They didn’t let me upgrade as I am currently on a 3-year plan. In order to get this deal, you need to be on a 2-year deal or no agreement. Yes, weird.

  • George

    I concur, I stopped by a store during lunch; this is just the plan without subsidized phones, however Fido’s “Device Savings Recovery Fee” still applies which adds about $3 monthly, yes it is all-you-can-talk unlimited (just for chart reasons they listed the evenings), and wow Caller ID included with 1gb data and under $60 before fees/taxes.

  • Fido won’t let me switch to it because I’m locked in a 3 year x 2 contract 🙁

  • Good question. just makes the plan sound even better.

    Gary Ng
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  • Mikesnow

    LOL. 1gb of data is still laughable. Have fun going over…sheep

  • Matt

    I’m confused. How is this different than the $57 Fido promo plan that was launched a couple weeks ago?

  • You must be in the minority of people that actually uses more than 1GB. My wife is on a 500MB plan and I’ve tried to switch it over to a cheaper plan but Fido won’t allow it. On average, she uses 50-200MB of data per month, and she’s never gone over 400MB. I have dozens of friends that have the same usage patterns.

    Even I rarely go over 1GB, and I never hold back on my data usage. Granted, I’m not taking transit to work or streaming internet radio, which I could see using a lot of data, but assuming that everyone exceeds 1GB/month of data just because you do is ignorant and naive, and then insulting people based on that assumption just makes you a plain jerk.

  • I don’t think it is any different. I think Gary just found out about this deal now.

  • Actually we did write about it before, the Fido tweet made it seem it was ‘new’. Anyways, it’s a good reminder the plan is still available.

  • Sneaky. I was worried about this. I might still try calling to see if I get anywhere.

  • lemontwist

    They only offer it to two year contact, not three year contact which is odd.

  • You’re allowed to switch to any THREE YEAR plan that’s over $50. Never noticed that part before, but I think that’s because Fido’s never had two year plans from what I can remember. Sneaky way to introduce an attractive plan but keep it from being used on subsidized iPhones.

  • I talked to Fido customer service about this today. It appears this plan cannot be used by anyone with a subsidized iPhone. Getting an iPhone at the advertised subsidized price requires you to lock in to a THREE YEAR plan, whereas this is only a two year plan. And they won’t let you switch over to this plan either if you’re still locked in to a three year agreement. Sneaky buggers. This way they can advertise that they’ve got one of the best plans out there, but they don’t have to make it available for the higher subsidized phones.

    Chalk up a new reason to buy a factory unlocked phone straight from Apple.

  • Why can’t you pay the early cancellation fee and sign back up month-to-month? For me and my monthly plan cost, this still worked out as a savings over the balance of the 25 months left on my three-year plan.

  • That’s something I thought of right after I hung up the phone with customer support, and I’m planning on calling back later today to see how much it would cost me to make that switch. Great idea! I have a friend who’s canceling his contract with Rogers today to switch over to this deal month-to-month with Fido.

    Not sure if I can pay up front to cancel both my wife’s and my phone at the moment, but I’ll see what they calculate the costs out as.