Fido Plans Now Include CID/VM, Canada-Wide Calling, 6PM Evenings/Weekends


Fido has updated their monthly plans this morning and quietly updated their website just a couple hours ago. As for the changes? All plans now include Canada-wide calling, evenings and weekends now start at 6PM (previously this was at 5PM), and caller ID and voicemail are now standard (Rogers added this recently to their plans as well).

You can see the Fido “Price Plan Summary” below we received:

Screen Shot 2013 03 01 at 5 27 37 PM

The $40/month plan back in December had 200 minutes per month (now at 150) and also data was at 100MB per month but now at 200MB. The $50/month plan also had 500MB back in December, instead of 250MB today. The $57 (or $56) unlimited promo plan with 2GB of data looks pretty good right now.

Also, activation fees will be waived on new sign ups, plus new 2-year Fido agreements on Standard plans will have 50% off the first 6 months until March 18th, 2013.

Thanks LC!


  • Olley

    :S it’s getting even worse. Unlimited evenings and weekends now starts at 6pm? Used to be 5

  • MGSayah

    …and they had a special offer where you’d get all the same things (except you get evening starting at 5pm but without “Circle Calling”) as the 35$ voice/text plan but for 30$… Now its gone!

  • ??????

    .phew… just switched mine and the wives plans with a rep last week… 300 local minutes unlimited anytime canada l/d mini voicemail and call display and 6gigs for $55. glad I didn’t wait.

  • dongski

    Rip-off continues…

  • Rich

    How is the $60 Smart Plan any different from the $80 Max Plan? The only difference is that one costs more..

  • I just called Fido and here some more informations / clarifications

    – The promotion for 50% off for the first 6 months only works with voice-only plans, so it’s not valid for plan that requires data.

    – Plans (2 or 3 years) that requires data have a first month free promotion.

    – Now if you want the visual voice mail for your Iphone you have to take the Bundle pack which is in promotion at 4$ / month instead of 12.00$ (That include the 80.00$ unlimited max plan which was including the visual voice mail before at 80$…)

    So it seems that it’s not that cool since the promotions does not work with any Iphone since they are on data plans. I was about to move my 3 bell phone line to fido but now after talking with the rep, I would probably move to Rogers who offers family share plans.

  • Pistol

    I live in BC so my time zone is PDT, if I’m in Toronto for example will the 6pm for unlimited calls be EDT or PST?

  • EDT. It’s always the local time.

  • Pistol

    Thanks Gary, good to know!