Fido Promo Doubles Data and Minutes on All Smart Plans


Just yesterday we told you how a current Koodo promo had doubled the data and minutes on their Canada-wide plans. Now, it appears Fido has also stepped up to match Koodo by doing the same to all of their Smart Plans. As you can see below, all minutes and data have been doubled:

Screen Shot 2013 03 07 at 10 47 41 AM

Data overages vary depending on the monthly plan.

$5 / 200 MB for the $40 plan, $5 / 500 MB for the $50 plan and $10/1 GB for the $60 plan, in $5 or $10 increments (as indicated).

We last saw Fido double the data on their promo $57 plan last fall, which is similar to the $60 plan but cheaper by a few bucks. If you’re on one of these plans, you need to call in to Fido to make the changes to get your extra minutes and data.

Update: these plans are only available on 2 year terms; you can also get them month-to-month with your own unlocked smartphone, such as the iPhone.

Thanks Darrin!


  • Them too?

  • dgsuzuki

    Just note: the VM doesn’t include visual VM and costs an additional $4 for the iphone value pack (which is free the first month). i took the $50 per month + $4 plus a $5 discount (seniority) with my iPhone 5 as i’m not currently on a contract with FIDO (these plans can only be used with non-iphone smartphones or without contract).

  • Olley

    Hmm interesting. i’m still debating since unlimited evenings now starts at 6pm

  • Arcanum777

    Signed my wife up three days ago on the Standard $40 plan but called in and changed to the special offer this morning. That is a lot of bang for the buck at that price.

  • MrXax

    More 2-year term bullshit. Still waiting for the day Canada gets rid of 3-year contracts completely.

  • jabohn

    That chart is a little whacked… the first column doesn’t line up correctly with the rest. For instance on the left it says “Incoming calls” and to the right “400mb”.

  • Blame Chrome and it was zoomed in a bit.

  • Anthony W

    You don’t have to be on a contract. People are just too cheap to buy full price phone in Canada. The culture of “free” phones are too attractive for many.