Fido To Increase Price Of CityFido Plan

Naughty, naughty Fido! A few more of these kind of changes and you will have your own list of negative Fido moves!

Effective November 3, 2009, the base $40 CityFido plan will now be $45 per month. This is a $5 increase over the previous price plan. The $60 CityFido plan has not been updated.

Existing customers of the $40 CityFido plan are unaffected but any new customers or existing customers that switch plans will be affected by the change.

CityFido Plans

$45/month (was $40)

  • 2000 anytime minutes
  • Unlimited Text Messages


  • 4000 anytime minutes
  • Unlimited Text Messages

An odd move by Fido considering all the new stuff coming from Telus and Bell soon.

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