Fido’s $57 Unlimited Plan Promos Return: 1GB Extra Data and $1 Off [Update]


A couple days ago the added extras to Fido’s $57 unlimited plan expired–the 1GB of extra data and $1 off. Some of you procrastinators missed out but you’re in luck because this morning Fido brought them back, as their website reflects the change:

Screen Shot 2013 01 03 at 9 08 08 AM

The reason for the return of these promos? Probably because rivals Koodo and Virgin Mobile still have the same ongoing promos, so it didn’t make sense to remove them prematurely to be the odd person out. If you missed this, now is the time to jump on it once again before they really disappear.

Thanks james bond

Update: A tipster informed us this plan expires on January 10th.


  • Any news on the $67 plan for iPhone users?

  • j

    anyone know what the porting prcoess is from rogers to fido? I have less than 1 year left in contract.

  • Call Rogers retentions and say you want to port to Fido. Rogers will pass you onto Fido to setup your new account, then cancel your account.

    Rogers will charge you $500 cancellation via a final bill. Once they confirm you’ve been with Fido for 15 days and signed a min. 2 year contract with Fido, you call back Rogers to credit you $400, so you end up only paying $100.

  • j

    No way to go month to moth eh. I own my own phone. Whats the monthly rate for canceling the contract in general? I might just move to virgin.

  • They won’t let you since you’re still on contract, unless you buy out. The cancellation rate depends on when you signed up. Starting in January 2012 for new contracts, the new rates kicked in. I think you’d still fall under the old voice + data plan cancellation fee.

    What I did was ported over to Fido, signed 2 years, then sold the HTC One S on Craigslist (for $260). It essentially subsidized my unlocked iPhone 5, plus Future Shop handed out $150 in gift cards during Black Friday. If I applied those savings to my 2 year contract, I’m paying $39/month for this Fido plan.

    I see the $56 plan as tiered data plan; if I need extra data it’s only $10/GB, which I can dollar cost average over the course of a year. I’m just not paying for 6GB I won’t be using up front every month, which is always nice to have. The unlimited voice part is where my savings come in, as I no longer will be charged for long distance or overages which is nice.

  • j

    I see. I dont mind buying out if I can subscribe and sell a phone i get from virgin. They are offering $100 prepaid visa cards with select phones too which i can put towards the buy out. Looks like im in the same situation with you with the iPhone 5 and 6gb plan. Thanks for the info Gary.

  • Cheers. Yeah in my case it was cheaper to port over to Fido for $100 versus paying the full cancellation fee, which they quoted me as $500.

    With Rogers/Fido you still have EDGE as a backup for voice/data, whereas with TELUS/Bell you’re SOL. I guess it really depends on your area and where you will be using your phone.

    Also, Rogers will attempt to charge you an extra month for not giving 30 days notice to cancel. You can actually file a complaint with the CCTS which will refund this charge on your behalf. More coming.

  • j

    Good point about edge! Didn’t think of that. Ideally the goal was for me to move to Bell as im currently contracted out with them for work in hopes i eventually become full time and get corporate discount.

  • wahgee

    It is a plan not advertised an still available through retentions. They may offer additional credits bringing it down to $57/month. Good luck! Always depends on tenure with Fido.

  • Miffy

    I contacted them several times, they still insisted on $62. I have been a customer for fido more than 5 years. Unlucky:(

  • Groagun

    So I just tried to switch to this plan and they refused. My 3 yer contract ends in March and they wanted to either terminate my 3 year for free with a new 2 year term or charge me $200 for early cancellation and then switch me. I F*****g hate this industry.

  • I’m assuming the promos would apply as well, as it mirrors the $57 plan.

  • Keep calling back, don’t give up!

  • Miffy

    I am bad at bargaining~~I will call them back tomorrow. Thanks 🙂 GOOD LUCK to myself!

  • I’m gonna give them a call in the morning, I’ll let you know what they say.

  • Sobbing

    Same thing here, called last nite & they said the $56 promo is gone. Then called today, it is back but I can’t get it coz I have a 3 yr contract & this is only for 2 yr contract & month to month…..ended up w/ a diff plan (more expensive but same features) duh…..but I know someone recently who was given this even w/ the same plan & fone I have…they couldn’t do it was the explanation today…& didn’t know why it happened w/ my friend….

  • wahgee

    I have three lines with Fido. They agreed to give me $10 credits on 2 lines – I have it noted on my account, but am trying to really see if I need the 6gb data. 3rd line is a line for my parents. Keep trying, as I’m sure you can do better than $62. I’ve been a customer for almost 10 yr. Rogers before Fido.

  • just got off the phone with Fido, $67 dollar plan unlimited Canadian Long Distance and 2 gigs of data for current 3 years contracts and iPhones are still available.

  • Miffy

    Bad luck today~~~I called them almost 10 times just now. None of them gave me a good response. One way I have to cancel first and then change to two-year term. The other way is combine one plan and one add-on. Or I have to stay on this 67 with 5 credits.:(

  • Groagun

    Yeah I know it seems to be different on what ever day you call and to who ever you talk too. I told the woman nothing is impossible as she liked to say and if they wanted to keep my business then they would put me on this plan. I will visit the retail outlet today in the mall and see if they can do anything: if not, I’m done with Fido and someone else will get my business come March. That’s the problem though, the devil you know or the other one(s) and they simply do not care or have to.

  • Groagun

    So the people in the store are powerless and can do nothing. I’m done with Fido! In the future, don’t tell me I can switch to ANY plan at any time because that is simply not true. I’m reasonable and understand that as an iPhone user there are restrictions but with 2 months remaining on contract I’ve paid for the phone and you can put me on the plan of my choice. Now you get nothing.

  • The secret is to call in and talk directly to fido Retentions. They have all the power in the works to keep you, that’s their job.

  • J

    Ymmv but Rogers just ended up matching the plan but giving me 1gb extra for $4 more so total $60 with everything included above.