Fido’s $57 Unlimited Smart Plan Promo Extended to Jan. 7th, 2013 [Update]


Fido’s $57 promotional Smart Plan has been quietly extended to expire in the new year on January 7th, 2013 (it was set to ‘expire’ on November 25th). The plan includes the following:

  • Unlimited SMS/MMS, International texts
  • Unlimited anytime minutes
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited Canada-wide long distance
  • 1GB of LTE ready data
  • Value pack included: caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding
  • Available monthly or on a two year term
  • $57/month; ends November 25th

Here are the fine details from, which notes the new expiry and no activation fee promo: 

Offers end January 7, 2013, subject to change without notice

*No Activation fee: Limited time offer. Valid on new activations with a 2- or 3-year Fido Agreement. A credit for the entire amount of the $35 Activation Fee will appear on your first invoice. With new activation on a monthly plan without a Fido Agreement, a one-time activation fee of per line $35 applies.

Let us know if you are going to jump on this plan.

Update: Correction made to clarify this plan is only available monthly or on a 2-year term.

Update 2: For those wondering why this plan isn’t available on a 3-year term, Rogers just sent us the following:

The plan is only available on a 2-year Fido Agreement because the plan comes with a lower subsidy and we pass those saving to our customers with lower-priced plans and shorter (2-year)terms. Customers who are not on a term-agreement or have purchased the device at full cost are eligible for this plan.



  • Imadudeadam

    I thought it was only available on 1-2 year plan. Which means not available with iPhone 5 subsidy.

  • gtasscarlo

    You need to fix this post, the plan isn’t available on a 3 year so no iPhone subsidy.

  • Trevor

    The Smart Plans are only valid on 2-year or month-to-month plans (valid only on unsubsidized iPhones). Gary, you’ve misinterpreted the fine print of the $35 activation waiver (applicable on 2 & 3 year agreements) to also apply to the Smart Plans themselves. Having spoken with Fido to see if Smart Plans can be had with the iPhone, I can confirm this is wrong.

  • Olley

    bad plan

  • You’re right. I read it took quickly, it has been corrected.

  • spiffy

    Am I the only one to think that aside from the data, this is quite tempting for existing iPhone owners? I am on Rogers month to month with an iPhone 4s (purchased unlocked from Apple) and none of their plans have appealed to me enough to jump to the 5. While a drop from my 6gb plan to 1gb would mean a little less tethering, where can you get a better plan then this for an iPhone user?

  • spiffy

    One question – any idea if the voicemail is Visual Voicemail?

  • Marc Noel

    You CAN get the same plan for iPhones over three years, but it is $ 80.00/month. Also, they both include Value Packs, with Visual Voicemail, 2,500 Call Forwarding minutes, Call Display with Name Display & WhoCalled, and Canada-Wide Calling (already included in the plan).

    I tried to get the cheaper plan, but couldn’t because iPhone, three-year, etc.. Talked to Customer Relations about being with Fido for 13 years, loyalty, etc., but was told the cheaper plan is to move Androids, as the iPhone is cleaning up. Was given song-&-dance about iPhones more expensive, etc., but the Google Nexus WAS subsidized $ 550.00, vs. $ 520 for iPhones. Also, since the plan prices are the same whether subsidized or not, the three-year one give them 50% more money from us.

  • Marc Noel

    Forgot to mention that, because I squawked, I go$ 5.00/month of each of two monthly bills for the remainder of the contracts, along with an extra 500 Mb of data each for three months (1 Gb total each).

  • Wuju

    You can’t. Hence I’m on it with my factory unlocked iPhone 5

  • Cheers

    Yup, called “Visual Voicemail Plus” or something like that. Through MMS: 1 text that lets you know you have a v/m, 1 audio file, and 1 text with the transcribed v/m.

  • Cheers

    Actually, that’s why I ditched Rogers for this plan. It litterally cost me $0 (no penalty ’cause it’s a move to Fido), no activation fee (signed for 2 yrs). I gave Rogers a chance to match it, they could do it for $8/month more. I politely declined and 2 hours later I was on Fido. Mind you, my data usage has rarely gone over 600 mb in the last 2 years (always on WiFi) so I knew I could handle the 5 GB drop (well, crossing fingers). The best part? If something better comes along in 6 months, I can leave Fido for a whopping penalty of $12.50. Ahhh, the joys of an unlocked phone!!

  • jimmy

    I have the exact same plan options, but with 6gb of data, and an iphone handset subsidy (which is worth about $15 a month over the course of 3 years). It costs me $61 a month or $4 more. Retentions baby, retentions.

  • 1_andrew_1

    I have an factory unlocked 4S. Was month to month with Rogers, called to cancel and port to Fido – Rogers matched the Fido plan @ 55$. Everything is unlimited including US and international txt. It is impossible for me to get a bill greater than 55$ unless I call international or roam outside of Canada. An additional GB is 15$. I paid 130$ on average monthly it has gone to 55$ and I get Visual Voicemail. Competition is great.

  • Ryan

    I am just 1 year into a 3 year contract for my 4s and phoned Rogers yesterday to see about switching to Fido to get this plan, and they told me that Rogers will now match Fido deals, so there is no need… I had to pay an extra 3 or 4 dollars to get visual voicemail, which she added for me, but all in all I now pay $61 plus tax for unlimited talk time, 1gb data and call display/ visual voice mail…

  • wahgee

    how did you get that? wow! i’m on a semi-retention plan – 40 nationwide, 30 6gb, 12 value pack = $82 with $10 credit – $72.

  • Trevor

    Much obliged! 😉 You had me excited for a second that it had changed.

  • Jimmy

    It was just a matter of calling back about three of four times while in my contract renewal period, then threatening to quit, but being polite each time so as to hopefully prevent them from making a note on my file. Finally I got through to someone who was willing to go the distance for me an put together a cheap, highly discounted plan.

  • V

    $52/month, 6GB data

  • wahgee

    i guess i’ll have to wait until Nov. 2013 when my contract is up. heck, might be better to get an unlocked phone and get a good month to month payment plan. your plan will give me ammunition for when i negotiate (obvious, the nice approach is the best)

  • anon

    Did they reset your plan for another 3 years, in order to make these changes?

  • I’ve got the exact same plan on retention with 6Gb of data at $55,50 in October when the iPhone 5 was launched!

  • Larry

    This is a good off the rack plan. Yes it is possibly to get a better plan via negotiating with retentions, but that path depends on a number of variables, so not everyone may get a good or great retention deal.
    As for the plan, it is only a 2yr plan and one can not purchase an iphone on this plan. The roughly comparative Fido iphone plan is $80 on a 3 yr contract. The $57 plan is for android or blackberry phones, or for those that have gone and purchased there own unlocked device (apple, android, etc).
    If you are a Costco member, you can get a really good deal from them on this plan. If you sign up on this plan $57/month/2yr Costco will give you a $150 Costco cash card. So for any regular Costco shopper this is the equivalent of $150 cash for groceries. Money one would spend anyways.
    My recommendation is go for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus via Costco on the Fido plan. The Galaxy Nexus is a good phone, not the best , but very good. Will run Android 4.1 out of the box, but will immediately update to Android 4.2 once in operation. Android 4.2 is the latest OS and has some great enhanced features. These features are not yet available on other Android because they are not pure Google phones. With a Google Nexus series phones one will always have the latest and greatest OS. 3-6 months down the road if you think the Galaxy Nexus is not slick or speedy enough for you, then go for the new Google Nexus 4 phone direct, unlocked from the Google store for $309 (8GB), $359 (16GB).
    Back to the plan. It is unlimited talk anytime, anywhere in Canada with CD and VM thrown in as opposed to the general “rip off” add-on most of the time. The 1GB of data may be a concern for many, as there is often a worry that it is not enough data. The question whether it is enough or not is really dependent on your data usage habits and needs. For example, if you have WiFi at home, and WiFi at work, then you will not be consuming mobile data while in these zones. A typical person could be in these “zones” most of the time. On the flip side if you are an “on the person” you may have to do all your data consumption on 3G.
    In the end, figure out you habits, and usage needs and you can decide if this plan is good for you or not.

  • OracleGuy

    Interesting. I was on Rogers, out of contract and paying $100/month for much worse features (but with 6 GB data). I had been meaning to find a better plan, but when I saw the $57 Fido plan, I jumped on it. I did phone Rogers retentions and had a very nice chat with an agent but she simply could not match the Fido plan. The best she could do was $65 for unlimited calling (incl. nation-wide LD) plus the VVM package at 50% off, which put the plan at about $72/month. But Rogers charges $15/GB for overages, vs. the Fido $10/GB.

    So now I only have 1 GB/month data, but after looking at my historical usage, it’s only occasionally that I exceed 1 GB in a month. I have used as much as 3 GB in a month, but I figure $57/month plus the occasional overage charge is way better than what I was paying every month.

    I find it interesting that now Rogers apparently will match the Fido plan — that must have happened after I called (Friday Nov. 16 at about 10:00 PST). The retentions agent I spoke to did say the the $15/GB overage rate wasn’t flexible at all. If that’s the case, the Fido deal is better even at the same basic monthly plan rate. And since Fido uses the Rogers network, there’s no downside that I can see.

  • OracleGuy

    I also signed up for 2 years vs. month-to-month. Going for the contract means no $35 activation fee (which would apply to month-to-month), and the cancellation fee of $12.50 is nominal.

  • kevin

    I just wanted to thank you, Gary, for continuing to post stuff like this. I bought my 4s outright last year and have been month to month for a while now. Thanks to your work keeping up to date like this, I was able to get Rogers to match this plan and give me an extra 2gb (3 in total) for $65+tax.

    I know this isn’t incredible for the retention-game players that are out there, but for an easy call on a Sunday afternoon, it made me quite happy. So thanks again!

  • You’re welcome, thanks for reading. 🙂 You got a decent match there!

  • kas

    Hi i got the same deal from rogers in Regina, SK for 61$ + 5% tax, with unlimited every thing but with 5 GB of data with visual Mail box, Caller ID, Unlimited calling nation wide, no roaming, Rogers only opened this plan for SK province only for few days and luckly i got this plan.

  • ekamjot randhawa

    can anybody tell me is this scheme is still available

  • No, it’s over. It’s now $60.