Rogers and Fido to Allow Online ‘Reservation’ of iPhone 4S on October 7th


Rogers and Fido customers have started to receive text messages from the carriers to note pre-orders of the iPhone 4S will be available on October 7th, the same date as the rest of the world.

To make a reservation, you will need to log into your My Rogers account and access the Rogers Reservation System, click Device Registration and follow the prompts.


It has been confirmed by the Vancouver Sun that Rogers, Telus, and Bell will carry the iPhone 4S, along with the usual resellers such as Future Shop, Best Buy, and London Drugs. We told you Telus updated their iPhone pages yesterday with iPhone 4S graphics.

Let us know if you’re going to make pre-order through Rogers. At this time, no information is available of contract pricing or early eligibility upgrades, as such information usually comes last minute.


  • DS

    Still no word on any “special” upgrade eligibility like the big 3 have had on previous iPhone releases?

  • Charles

    I will probably reserve it through Fido as I have enough Fido dollars to pay for a large part of the phone!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t get that!!! Do you think I could still reserve?

  • Coleleduc

    Is Rogers/Telus/Bell required by contract to buy a certain amount of iPhone stock from apple in order to be able to carry the iPhone? Because without early eligibility for iPhone 4 users I could see them having a very hard time selling the iPhone 4s. Anyone still willing to upgrade without early eligibility would most likely just buy the phone unlocked from apple if they are gonna have to pay full price. Really the only customers that leaves the carriers with to buy the 4s is people upgrading to their first iPhone or maybe older BB and iPhone 3g users. Which seems like a pretty small percentage of people. 

  • Ivan

    I was told in Mississauga I can upgrade at full subsidized cost from my iPhone 4:) I had iPhone since launch date. Definetly getting new iPhone!!!

  • Coleleduc

    Which Carrier are you with?

  • Anonymous

    Well I hope Rogers comes up with eligibility before per-order’s start!

  • Anonymous

    I may try going this route, although it definitely wouldn’t be as fun as lining up at 4:00am at the Apple store 🙂

  • Rogers I guess?

  • Kevin

    As a person that has bought one every year. I will make the prediction that the Rogers server will crash before many users will be able to pre-order.  Their activation servers always are down for 3-4 hours for the West every year.  You would think they would actually plan better for this type of volume.  Although if the upgrade deals are not any good, I don’t think it will be as big of a demand.

  • Anish

    what time does this start? 12:01 pst? 

  • 429condo

    Guess I am not a valued customer to Rogers. Didn’t get any txt message.

  • S. Mulji

    You’d be surprised how many iPhone 3G, 3GS, & Blackberry users there are. Quite a bit.

  • Anonymous

    My boss (Rogers) and I (Fido) both have 3GS from shortly after their introduction. Neither of us have received texts yet, even though we should come WAY before all you iPhone 4 users for upgrade eligibility…

  • Coleleduc

    That doesn’t mean they are prepared to upgrade. Especially the BB users. And I think a good portion of 3G and 3GS users didn’t upgrade before because they didn’t like the shape of the iPhone 4 or were not willing to pay $200+ for a phone. So I could see a lot of them holding out for next iPhone still or upgrading to the 8g iPhone 4 and not the 4s. 

  • BurleyShells

    Waiting on fido 6gb plan..

  • Hessiebell

    I’m a 3GS user who didn’t upgrade because I was waiting for a faster CPU and a better camera.  Now, I’m ready to!

    Or maybe I just have a thing for S’s.

  • Mkemp4

    Checked my Rogers today and to reserve a phone cost $40.00.
    Don’t think I’ll get one from Rogers.

  • Asdf

    The  $40 is a deposit which goes towards the iphone 4s purchase.

  • Butlerchick

    Did you subscribe to the “early-reservation” program? You had to text the word “yes” to 471-5 to receive a text message from Rogers with re-reservation information….

  • She’s likely on Fido.  I just had it clarified by Fido that as long as you pay $50 a month in cell and data already, then you meet the criteria to get the new iPhone for the cost of the phone and nothing else.  I am at two years of my three year contract and she checked my file and said it was all good.  Plus I have $81 in Fido dollars to take off the cost of the new iPhone.  🙂

    Why anyone stays with Rogers is beyond me.  I have 6GB a month on Fido and I pay $63 a month and my sister on Rogers pays over $100 for 1GB of data.  She doesn’t have a bunch of crazy features I don’t have too that might explain the difference.  She has to pay $20 a month for the months of her contract left where I pay ZERO.  Rogers just screws their customers, it’s unbelievable.  Either that or my sister is on the “we hate you” Rogers plan.  ;P

  • vik

    What about virgin mobile?

  • I just called Fido and they told me that I’m not eligible to an upgrade until January 2012…

    I took an agreement in 2010 to keep my 10$ credit that I was getting… I did not even get a rebate on the phone because I already had an iPhone at this time.
    I asked if I was able to get a rebate on the next iPhone because I did not get a rebate when I “sign” the agreement… they said no… they said that I would have to talk with customer relation to get a better deal and/or do anything to get a rebate on the iPhone.

    why do we always have to fight with Fido?

    I’m really tempted to buy my iPhone unlocked and go elsewhere after my contract is over is I can get a better deal…

  • Anonymous

    But for Fido, your remaining contract stacks on top of your new contract!
    So if you have 1 year left in your old contract, and you sign a new 3 year contract, you would end up having a total of 4 year contract!    No kidding!

    Unless they change this rule, this may prompt me to leave Fido.

  • Lawrence Cohen

    I replied yes and still got nothing… I have a 3GS bought on launch day…

  • XSiteable

    I purchased a 3G a couple mths before the 3GS was released. Want to wager if I’m ready to upgrade now? Don’t doubt it for a second… and I bet there’s plenty more like me.

  • Sarisaber

    Hello fellow Canadians,

    Please can someone do me a favor and answer me this 🙂

    I would like to buy the iPhone 4S from (or from the Apple store) but I’m wondering if 1) it will be factory unlocked? and 2) if it will be a world phone that will support both CDMA and GSM? 3) if they accept cash if buying from the store?

    I would really appreciate any of you “helpful” guys to reply to these questions by emailing me. 🙂

    my email is: sarisaber(AT)live(DOT)com

    Have a great day,

    RIP Steve Jobs 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Kevinmatthewroach

    Well I just talked to Rogers.

    So instead of the 2 years it’s now 30 months for an early upgrade. In the representatives words I “Get the privilege” to pay an extra 90$ to upgrade early.

    I’ve been pretty frustrated. Not a good policy. 30 months? Why not wait 6 more and go somewhere else with a better policy. In the states the contract is only 24 months total. Apple can’t be charging Canadian providers that much more for the phone they need to “make their money” which was the term the Rogers rep had the nerve to tell me.

  • Anatole3

    I have a 3G and I’m out of my contract period with Rogers. I’d like to buy an unlocked 4S from Apple (no interest in playing the “Unlocking game”). If I sign a new 3-year contract with Rogers (or Bell), can I get a monthly discount if they don’t give me a discounted phone?
    Has anybody tried that?
    Thank you.

  • Fring2001

    Anybody know what time the reservation option starts?

  • NoNonene

    If you purchase it from apple online, it is factory unlocked. You can purchase it instore from apple and as long as you purchase it at full price without a contract it will also be unlocked. They do take cash instore

  • Cake

    Retentions  is where you would get discounts. Signing a new 3yr term will get you what you see on their websites. Buy your 4(steve) unlocked from the Apple store and call rogers retention. You should be able to renegotiate your plan without resigning and just go month to month.

  • Cake

    Yes to all 3 questions.

  • Mike

    Anyone figure out the time Rogers will release this in their online reservation system yet? Is it 12:01 PST as well?

  • V S

    Anyone know when and if the phone is coming to Bell? I asked at Eaton centre store and they “don’t know”.

  • Skylar Duff

    Just called Telus and they said that they will offer a pre order on their site on Friday October 7. Bell will likely follow.

  • Wasabi

    Just spent a day at the mall shopping for new contracts. My 3GS and the mrs 3G is booth up for contract renewel from Rogers and have been paying over $100 each. Both our phones are in rough shape, cracked screen etc, and thus holding out for the Latest iPhone. 4s will do, don’t think we can wait till next summer for the 5.

    City fido and bell business plans both seem way better than what we currently have, I’ll call Rogers retentions see if they can match, otherwise it’s onto bell or fido. New phones new contracts!!

    Recommendations between fido and bell? The data on bell is 6gb, and city fido “should have a 6gb plan” again in the next week or so.

  • I’ve never heard of that.  Maybe I should call.  She didn’t say anything about that.  Mind you, I don’t care seeing I have an amazing deal each month for $63 and I have the 6GB data plan. 

  • Sarisaber

    thanks man!

  • Sarisaber

    thanks man!

  • Mike

    has anyone preordered before in canada?
    cause i’m planning to pre order it and ship it to my friend and let her bring it back for me, but she leaves on oct 20th. would that be enough time for them to receive the package?

  • Joufy

    Just pre-ordered at 6:09am EST. It took that long for the little “Device Reservation” button to show up. I’m number 424 on the waitlist. Not bad, the site didn’t even crash.

  • VDub

    just pre-ordered from FIDO. 
    waitlist #579

    strange how when i checked at 2am MT there were no white iphone 4s option but now there is.

  • kilimats

    just reserved my 4s 30GB and 64gb version, both are about 1000 place in line

  • Anatole3

    Thank you.