Rogers/Fido Improve WhoCalled Feature


Effective January 28, 2010 (but in full deployment as of February 2), Rogers/Fido have improved their WhoCalled mobile add-on feature.

WhoCalled has received mixed reviews from customers in that some love it and some hate it, but for those that don’t know what the feature is, I’ll briefly explain.

WhoCalled is a feature that alerts subscribers of the calls that they miss when their iPhone is off or out of service area. For example, if your iPhone is off and five people call you and don’t leave voicemails, WhoCalled will send you text messages of your missed calls.

The feature is beneficial since the iPhone does not track incoming calls when the iPhone is off. However the feature can also be annoying as subscribers are receiving what has been consider to be annoying text messages.

The feature can be purchased standalone for $3/month, picked up in a value pack from Fido with other calling features, or as a part of any Rogers consumer plan. So what did Rogers/Fido improve?

WhoCalled improvements come in the form of improved message notification, content, and the ability to easily return a call. The changes will affect new WhoCalled subscribers, as well as existing WhoCalled subscribers who will have the service upgraded automatically.

WhoCalled Improvements

1. Reduced Notifications

Customer will receive a message notification if no other notification is provided. For example, a missed call log or message waiting indicator. In most instances, this means that customers are notified only if the iPhone is off or out of a coverage zone.

2. Clearer Message

When customers receive a WhoCalled notification, normally the missed call phone number and date were presented as one line of text. In other words, an iPhone user would not be able to tap on just the phone number as the tap would include the date as well. This has been corrected and customers will now see the phone number line as the following:

01:604987-5432 @ 9:42 AM 2009/06/19

3. Easy Call Back

Customers can now easily click on the phone number (or use the menu/option key) to return a call directly from the WhoCalled message. Fortunately this does not really apply to the iPhone as iPhone users can simply tap on the phone number.

The update also simplified the line telling customers how many calls they have missed.

Customers will now see the following message:


Message Header:

Nov 12, 2009 9:21

Message Content:

WhoCalled Now Improved
(01) Call(s) missed
01:604987-5432 @ 9:42 AM 2009/06/19
Select number to call back

Overall, minor improvements but helpful nonetheless.


  • Dusty

    Good to know.

  • stuhFAN

    Good. I was getting sick of a text message every time I missed a call, even though the Phone app notified me with alerts & badges. I've been too lazy to call Rogers and remove this from my plan, but I guess I'll leave it now.

  • dillyh

    Easily the most annoying feature that Fido provides. What's worse, is I've called them on multiple occasions and they've said they simply cannot remove this feature from my package. Glad to see it will be improved.

  • This is going to make WhoCalled a lot less annoying. I remember calling Fido to have it turned off on my account after badgering the CSR about it for a good ten minutes. The next week, I called for my roommate, and I was told flat-out that they were no longer allowed to do that, because too many people had been turning it off.

    The idea of responding to 'no one wants this feature' to 'don't let them not have it' seems ridiculous; if the service had been like this in the first place, it would have solved that problem entirely. Good for you, Rogers/Fido.

  • rorypiper

    I've never used this, but my wife had it for a while. It used to drive her nuts, she she had it taken off her account. Good to know they have fixed a few of the annoying things.

  • They used to be able to, back around the time the iPhone first came out. I knew several other people (including Fido kiosk employees) who'd had to call and have it turned off. I called for another line later on, though, and was told that they weren't allowed to do it anymore, because management said so.

    Basically, management decided that they had to cram this feature down our throats, even though it's ridiculously annoying. I've recently changed my plan, and it was turned back on again, so thank god they've fixed it.

  • dudemaster

    So – how much more am I going to have to pay?

    With Rogers one can be sure that there are no free improvements 😉

  • I am not a fan of WhoCalled feature. For me, I personally don't care who called me when my phone was off – and if they choose not to leave a message, then it's not important. If it is important – the caller will call again or would have left a message in the first place.

    Like some other commenters here – I would prefer if Rogers would allow me to turn the entire WhoCalled feature OFF in MyRogers online account interface.

    Understandably, this feature may be of value to some – but NOT for me.

  • Zero

  • bringer666

    Great news. This will make this feature usable instead of just annoying. I had turned it off not long after getting my iPhone because it did not serve any function. You get a notice from the iPhone of a missed call, you get a notice that you have a voicemail and then you get ANOTHER message (a text) telling you about a missed call. It was great for a few months and then it started up again. I phoned Rogers again to turn it off and was told they couldn't turn it off anymore. Let's just hope it works as advertised now.

  • joeyconnick

    That's great but why would they use:

    01:604987-5432 @ 9:42 AM 2009/06/19

    And not something infinitely more parsable:

    01:604-987-5432 @ 9:42 AM 2009/06/19

    Concatenating the area code with the prefix is moronic.

  • That's a good point. But alas, this is the Rogers way.

  • Waiting for Wind…

    It's almost like someone…cared!
    It makes me teary-eyed.

  • djepsilon

    Thank god. Getting a text EVERYTIME you miss a call even when the phone is on is annoying as hell. Especially when you are busy and purposely not answering your phone…

  • guestivus

    They *do* let you turn it off in the MyRogers online account interface.

  • dash8311

    …and just to think, the 'minor' tweak took them more than a year to achieve. Rogers = FTL!

  • dash8311

    …and just to think, the 'minor' tweak took them more than a year to achieve. Rogers = FTL!

  • ihaterogers

    I hate Rogers so much and now even more because of this dumb feature. Maybe they should ask their customers first before they do suck stupid things. Faaaaaaaaak