Rogers/Fido Nationwide Call/Data Network Issues?!


At first I thought my iPhone was acting up. But after experiencing multiple dropped calls, intermittent cutting in and out when dialling, and confirmation via twitter (people exploding over this issue), I can finally say Rogers/Fido is experiencing some major network issues!

Here is a sampling of some tweets I’ve received:

  • no fido connection in Victoria #yyj by At0m1qu3
  • What the F*** is going on with Rogers today.. First time i’ve experienced shoddy service. I cant do ANYTHING right now. by parabs
  • yep, confirmed Rogers no data, sms/voice still works, Lacombe, shuether
  • no #Rogers data service in #Saskatoon as well. by MyronGlova
  • Rogers 3G data dead here in Richmond too, maybe last couple hours. Voice ok by AgentSix
  • i have full 3G service on the southside of #yeg, but its slow as s***! trying to upload an image but its CRAWLING! #rogers by abs_m
  • “Canada’s reliable network”, eh? by mikejang

Take a look at this real-time search on twitter for “rogers fail”:


It’s not looking pretty. Not sure what is up, but Rene Ritchie says it could be due to “dummy” Bell/Telus HSPA+ towers? Either way, right now the situation is not looking pretty. Rogers is trying to the most reliable network, and for the most part I haven’t had any problems in Vancouver. But the situation right now is extremely painful for those who are relying on Rogers for voice and data service.

YOU can be a part of the solution–contact Rogers!

Rogers is touting their “Social Media” Team via twitter. I highly suggest you send them a message regarding this network issue:


Rogers has received the following “F” rating from the Better Busines Bureau (BBB) in regards to complaints:

The BBB in Burnaby, B.C., has received 581 consumer complaints about Rogers Communications in the last three years. It has given Rogers an “F” rating for failing to resolve many of those complaints to the customer’s satisfaction.

Rogers also has an “F” rating at the BBB’s Toronto and North York locations, where 1,045 complaints were logged in the same period. Approximately half of those complaints were about billing.

People are livid within the almost 800 comments within this CBC article in regards to Rogers and their dealings with customers.

Rogers, please fix this network issue or at least update us on what’s going on. Thank you, on behalf of Canada.

Have you had any Rogers/Fido network issues today? Where are you located?


  • andrez1

    It's caused by Rogers not being allowed to have “Canada's most reliable network”.

  • Dusty

    3G for me is down! 🙁

  • rorypiper

    Victoria is definitely feeling this outage. I went from really slow 3G, to no 3G, EDGE only, then failing calls and MMS, to the dreaded “No Service”. My wife, has had no trouble at all. What the hell is going on Rogers? “Tell-us” something!!! 😉

  • LOL. I can't use 3G at all. Thank goodness for wifi on the iPhone!

  • Brettc77

    Rogers 3G data working perfect, Newmarket Ontario

  • No problems at all here in Toronto… other than RIM's ongoing problems with the berries (no BIS and pins not working either yet), but my iPhone is working just fine.

  • ReyT

    At home here in Calgary and using wifi. I'm getting full 3G signal BUT is not really working….. since 5pm.

  • dudemaster

    All is well in London Ontario.

  • Mark

    I called support, and they told me that the data network would be down 24 – 48 hours!! Not acceptable to not get e-mails or internet access this long. I am furious!

  • Laird

    SMS/Voice still works in Vancouver(just barely) 3G is useless.

  • kennethzak

    No 3G in Winnipeg, MB.

  • hildy

    Voice is working in Winnipeg, but no 3G. It's been this way for the past 8 hours.

  • Sundering

    3G on fido is still down in saskatoon, voice and SMS are workin fine

  • jim

    No 3G in Edmonton, since about 6pm.

  • Prelude514

    3G is working fine over here in Montreal. I just ran a speed test, 486.9 kB/s down and 36 kB/s up.

  • artikas

    i just called rogers and got a $5 credit. CALL IN GUYS! Dont go thru technical support in the phone option, choose general to get thru faster 😉

  • skim

    fido Zero data before that was no service for an hour !!!! no sms and calls in and out but still no data
    Langley BC

  • Xaroc

    Rogers, Iphone 3gs. Data network is down. Calling and Text still work, but some times shows “no services” for a couple minutes at times. going on nearly 16 hours since i last noticed it

    Called Rogers, Got put on hold for 20-30 minutes total. got told should be cleared up within 24hours.
    i replied “you put me on hold for 30 minutes for a (i dont know) answer?” after i said that, they operator added Credit in the sum of 1 month worth of Data ($35) on my next bill.

  • Luvgeek

    Clients started calling me about tethering or email not working about 2:30pm in the Vanvouver area.

    5pm noticed no internet working in White Rock, Tsawassen, Delta and Richmond. Calls to Rogers tech support met with “please hold while we connect you with someone who can help you” followed by a dead line.

    Calling a rogers iphone customer repeatedly resulted in a dropped call when it tried to switch to voice mail.

  • qazx7

    yes, on fido network here, i went into a fido store and they told me the network keeps giving me no bars because they are updating the server for the next generation of phones.. i said gee thanks for letting me know , im paying for a service its not fair i have to be disrupted its very annoying!!!

  • Working here in Ottawa as of 00:44 EST

  • Wei

    Vancouver near City Hall, having intermediate voice and data issues. Sometime iphone even cannot grab the Rogers network.

  • Cory

    This afternoon, couldn't take calls, SMS not working, no data.
    Phone & SMS eventually came back, but not along with data.


  • Trisker

    Edmonton is down LOL its been down since 1700 hrs its nearly midnight and NO 3G for my 3Gs
    I would laugh if Telus set their system up to mute Rogers on their first BIG DAY as GSM.

  • Jim

    Yup…. Here in the False Creek area of Vancouver, no 3G and I've also had data problems on EDGE. Spoke to Fido, they said all Western Canada is down. Would not give me a specific time to repair.

  • tbutch

    It's all good now here in Calgary anyways. I don't ever wanna live another 5 hours of my life without 3G. That was harsh.

  • Disconnect Anxiety FTW

  • Daniel

    I had an interesting experience with Rogers once…..well more than once….but this one is something to talk about and it is no word of a lie…….
    I switched my razor for an iphone 3G back in the day and was told that I was going to have the same plan that I had on my razor but adding the data side to things…..plan was going to be 75$/month……….never trust Rogers and what they say they are going to do for you untill you see it on their bill or at least 5 customer service people have confirmed that what is supposed to be on the account is there!……any way back to the story….
    I called in 4-5 months later asking why I was getting charged calling Rogers customers because I was supposed to have “rogers to rogers” on my plan……the same thing I had on my razor plan……..wrong!
    So the CSR guy told me, after 20 minutes of telling me the best deal he can make for me was giving me a $10 refund or something dumb like that, that he has had that happen to him before. And at this point I was pissed off and I asked him, “So whadga do?”. “What did I do?”, he said with his voiced raised at me. and I quote, “I sucked it up! Thats what I did!” Yup you heard it correctly…….Rogers CSR told me to “suck it up” because they made a mistake and told me more lies…… does the story end there?
    Nope……I hung up on the guy and called back demanding I talk to a manager. After waiting to talk to him I told him the situation……the manager said it was fixed and taken care of…….
    I call back the next day and I asked if my plan was switched to what was supposed to be on my plan by the manager……the lady CSR told me, “im so sorry sir, but i dont know why the manager did what he did……and your plan is not switched…..but I will do that right now!” And it was fixed…….
    and to date….Rogers has refunded me over $800.00 for their mistakes of over charging, my monthly plan not working, and paying for service that wasnt working for long periods of time. OVER $800.00! No one should have to go through that……
    If you want to know how to talk to the right CSR and get what your asking for… to a woman if you can and ask if she is having a good day……and let her know that you hope she can make your day get better…..
    Sorry for the long message but it had to be said!
    thanks for hosting a rad website!
    Kelowna reception service has sucked too!

  • Haha, disconnect anxiety ftw! 😉

  • MCP

    No data all day today in Coquitlam, BC

  • MCP

    FIDO no Data

  • scott987

    All is working now.

    Kitsilano Vancouver BC

  • Jesse

    So my iPhone was up and down all day, what a pain… It has come back up now but I noticed that when I try to tether on my laptop I am given local only and unable to use the net… WTF. Anyone else have this?

  • iphonevancouveruser

    down here in Vancouver probably over an hour now. va

  • Sam

    From Vancouver:

    My voice is sketchy. My text messages are a little slow. No data transfer (email, internet, etc) at all. I thought it was my phone but i see it's something bigger.

  • Dusty

    How nice of them to credit eh

  • richbc

    Fido data network still down in Vancouver here, been 18 hours now with my iPhone having these problems of either no service or no data/internet connection. Rene Ritchie says it could be due to “dummy” Bell/Telus HSPA+ towers?

    You've got to be kidding, now people are blaming a HSPA+ network that works in other countries with other carriers who have GSM 3G for the data problems?

    I like your blog, but that last comment you put in the blog is plain without any merit and makes it sound like you're a Rogers/Fido rep. I thought you were an iPhone blog, who cares which network?

  • Xaroc

    For sure, i was more thinking “you got to be kidding” because wait 24hours is the generic answer they give to everyone about everything lol. so i was expecting somthing a little more detailed for investing my time to their high quality Phone radio lol But yeah, all in all i got my credit, and i woke this morning to have my 3G internet back ^_^

  • Xaroc

    yeah i agree. it happen to me at the worst time. i just bought my 3Gs like a week ago. my boss asked me to take a picture of a part number, and Email it to him, so he could order a replacment. so i showed him how the 3Gs now has a auto Focus, and Touch focus features. and took a clear picture. to my surprise the emails kept bouncing back to my iphone, couldnt find out why.

    so much for showing the perfect 3Gs. now his first impression is bad emails lol but o well. its cleared now

  • Dusty

    Lucky, I still have NO 3G network! 🙁
    WIFI is my only option right now. This is ridiculous! lol I can't do nothing except wait…

  • Dusty

    Darn, still NO 3G network working this morning…. Common Rogers, get ur head outta ur a$$ and fix it! 😛
    Anyone else in Alberta having 3G problems?

  • Obviously that dummy tower explanation is downright ridiculous! It's
    just an example of what some people believe is the reason for network

    Sounds like you're downright furious over the network failure. Don't
    take it out on me or this blog, please. Direct your anger towards
    Rogers, and not as we're the ones trying to raise
    awareness about this!

  • The last comment is actually from another iPhone blog entirely. We are not saying that the Bell/Telus towers are causing the outage, as that is simply dumb.

    What we ARE saying is that other iPhone blogs think THAT and we are simply showcasing their thoughts.

    The true cause of this is an internal Rogers matter and has nothing to do with telus or bell.

    Make sense?

  • Dan

    Had the same problems last night in downtown Vancouver. I actually discovered it because it drained my battery! I guess all the email fetching is a bit intensive when it can't get a connection

  • arrow201

    Wind is looking better already 🙂

  • Xaroc

    Well works out for you soon

  • Leo

    For me, I was able to access the Web and e-mail fine throughout the day but only tethering didn't work (connected to iPhone/network but not Internet).

  • Dusty

    Working now! Woot woot 🙂

  • Dwain

    Vancouver is shot. Everyone I know with an iPhone is feeling the Rogers service at the moment. The same issue across the board, conversation cutting out every 2-3 seconds. Rogers to Rogers, Rogers to Telus, all the same. This is contract breaking quality of service. Time to witch over to Bell or Telus and loose this horrible provider.

  • Xaroc

    Heh congrats

  • heavymellow

    Started having problems yesterday, choppy phone calls, sluggish data connection. Switched to edge, and everything seemed fine, tried again late last night to hook up to 3g, voice was a little better, but couldn't connect to data at all. Today I tried again, back to phone calls being choppy and slugish data. Edge and wi-fi have been getting me by. Apparantly what I was told is that rogers is experiencing problems from manitoba to bc.

  • Mia

    II live in Vancouver. I'm able to make my phone calls and send texts, but I can't send pin-to-pin messages, use my Facebook or Twitter applications or use my browser. It's been like this since early Thursday night, and it's SUPER frustrating. When are they going to fix this!

  • Mark

    Hey, has anyone tried turning their phone off and then turning it back on? I had no 3G service for basically two days, I turned it off, waited 2 minutes, turned it back on and received everything all at once. Still waiting for my Ubertwitter to load but it seems like I'm getting reception now.

  • aristotles

    I'm on Fido in Victoria and I had full bars but none of my calls were going through yesterday morning until I switched off 3G and then I dropped to GPRS instead of staying at Edge. I called Fido and the lady on the line refreshed my profile on their network. I was then instructed to turn on 3G and power cycle my iPhone. I then was told to go into Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings. I followed the instructions and the iPhone rebooted after a progress bar. I was then able to make calls on 3G.

    Give it a try. It's possible that they were making changes to their network configuration it messed up the iPhones.

  • iPhone user

    no doubt, my dropped/unable to connect calls are happening way too often. With TELUS it happened occasionally but with Fido/iPhone it happens way too often, particularly in the past few days. Plus safari is so slow!

  • Zultar

    I am having MAJOR issues for the past 3 months with Rogers on 3G and even 2G network!!! And now I am lucky to get 1.5mbps speeds when my 3G is working…..I am on the Lethbridge area.

  • Zultar

    Major issues here in the Lethbridge area of Alberta.
    When I do and am lucky enough to have 3G connection, my speeds are now have then what they used to be. I am lucky if I can get 1.5mbps. Have been having issues with rogers for over 3 months now!!! 3G and even 2g network.

  • Eric

    Fido iphone has no data in Richmond BC and intermittent SMS service in Vancouver for the last week. Fido does not acknowledge they have a problem when I called them. They said I should upgrade my two iphones .. ha .. thats not the problem, its their network !!!

  • Marcus

    Getting service for only about and hour out of the day (total, never an hour solid) on my berry. When I do have service, I don't have data transfer and not all of my emails/sms/mms go thru or are received! This has been going on for almost 2 weeks!!

  • Ave

    I have the exact same problem, me and the g/f bought iphones together, the same day, and I just had mine replaced about a month ago, because of no service it was basicaly a ipod touch. after it was replaced, everything was great! and now it is doing it again!! and her phone works perfectly! WTF

  • Ave

    I have the exact same problem, me and the g/f bought iphones together, the same day, and I just had mine replaced about a month ago, because of no service it was basicaly a ipod touch. after it was replaced, everything was great! and now it is doing it again!! and her phone works perfectly! WTF

  • Andrej S Ristic

    what’s going on with fido today

  • Faysal

    It’s been happeneing for a while now , when i call someone i wait a while and get “call failed” or go directly to voice mail. Very dissapointing.

  • Bob

    I’ve had poor 3G network coverage in Edmonton since the end of July. 2G seems fine…

  • Chase

    The Rogers network keeps disappearing. Has been happening for the past 2 days. Today is worse than yesterday.

  • Smihko

    I don’t have data since 21st of January. Browsing, phone, sms still working.

  • guest

    Edmonton down as well..  

  • guest

    edmonton is down as of half hour ago… this is BS i only have a cell phone >.<

  • Sspahic

    Okanagan BC network failure

  • Heather

    not cool rogers waiting for calls about jobs you guys suck big time today. Edmonton is down as well as everywhere else and all  they can say is turn the phone off then back on it will start working again now i cant even dial 611 ugh gonna try turning off 3 g like people are saying and see if it will work

  • Simms6

    What the heck is going on with Roger network in Alberta ??

  • Olgat65

    I’m with Fido,  and have not had internet connection for 2 days,  my voice works fine though.  I live just outside of Toronto.  Hope they fix it soon.

  • Nicholasdifabrizio

    Hving issues in mtl right now have to use wifi

  • steve gordy

    I cannot send or receive calls from home right now. I have to drive down the road to get reception. What is happening? I am missing important business calls dammit!!

  • Nancy

    anyone in kitchener area having network problems with Rogers. I can’t make calls as it keeps coming up that the network is busy. Really?!!