Koodo Retention Plan: $49/8GB with Canada-Wide Calling


If you’re a Koodo Mobile customer, the Telus flanker brand is apparently offering a hot plan for existing customers through their retentions department.

According to RFD, one user was able to get a $49 per month plan with 8GB data (a custom version of the company’s $48/5GB plan for MB/QC), which includes unlimited Canada-wide calling. User ‘rejectedfromhell’ posted a screenshot to prove what they were able to get by chatting with the retentions department:

Screenshot 2017 08 28 09 41 51

This user was on $40/1GB plan in Ontario with Koodo since 2014. After calling in to cancel and mentioning a switch to WIND, he was offered $48 for 7GB with Canada-wide. An option for $1 per month extra for 1GB was offered, along with free 1,000 minutes worldwide long distance to select destinations, which was accepted. The poster also added $2 per month for iPhone Visual Voicemail.

My intention was purely to inquire with Koodo if I will be dinged for 30 days bill if I port my number or do I need to request cancellation with Koodo first and get the number ported to Wind on 28th day to not lose any money.

Turns out that phone call turned out to be a good one. A couple other RFD members were able to successfully get this plan offered, so your mileage may vary. You will need to spend some time speaking with a Koodo agent on the phone to get the offer, so good luck.


  • Anything like this for Nova Scotia?

  • It’s Me

    Keeping in mind that almost no one else has been able to get this.

  • Certainly not a bad deal!

  • Manpreet Singh

    This guy is a messing. i just called koodo and Loyalty lady clearly said she is aware of the screenshot and a lot of people are calling today threatening to cancel for the exact same thing but add-ons are not available. She said she saw the screenshot and his add-ons are carried over from previous plans ( THEY ARE NOT OFFERED NOW). She said she can only see 1$ 1gb add on which she can apply to my account. so only thing i got is 1gb as many other RFD users.

    She said she just cannot create an add-ons out of blue. Our phone got disconnected and she was apologizing again and again for the cancelled call and said ” she would apply them just for the hassle caused by the dissconnetion “

  • LB

    Sorry, I didn’t understand the last part.
    “She would apply them just for the hassle caused by the connection” So did she end up giving u 3 additional gb or gave u just 1 extra gb(6gb in total)

  • Manpreet Singh

    Yes, I only got 1$ 1gb add-on, making it a total of 6Gb.

    She said she would be happy to apply the 3 additional GB’s if such thing existed. No wonder, so many RFD reporting negative on this retention deal.

    FYI: she offered 2.5 gb for 15$ as posted on recent article story on iphoneinCanada ,but I rejected it.

  • Y’all are terrible at striking a deal.

    Keep trying.