iOS Camera Lens 3 Pack (Wide, Macro, Fish Eye) for $25, Free Shipping [Deals]


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If you want to take your iPhoneography to another level, check out the following iOS Camera Lens 3 Pack offer. This compact lens kit includes 3 lenses that fit over your iOS camera lens via an adhesive magnetic ring, for just $25 (over 50% off).

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You will get the following lenses, in your choice of silver, red or black:

  • 0.67x Wide angle lens: great for capturing landscapes, sporting events, or anything else that requires a wider view
  • Macro lens: get incredible close ups of any object
  • 180 degree fish eye lens: get that funky artistic shot

These lenses will work with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and all iPads. Get ready to make your Instagram and Facebook pictures the envy of everyone!

The regular retail price is $54, but through this exclusive Stack Social offer it’s 53% off (saving you $29) for a price of just $25, with FREE SHIPPING to Canada (wahoo!) and the continental USA.

Click here to jump on the deal, it’s only available for two more days!

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  • Has anyone tried them ?
    I’d love to hear your take.
    It’s an interesting little addition

  • Eve

    Wondering if they work on iPhone 5 as camera lens placement is slightly different than on the 4, 4s

  • I effin’ love these lenses. I got them from photojojo a while back. I took some stunning picks of a lady bug with the macro mode, and some silly as hell picks of faces (mine and others’ lol). You can always stick the adhesive metal ring to a case as well, works well enough (although it’s not perfect, you’ll ideally want to stick the ring to the phone itself). Actually for a long time I had the ring stuck to my lifeproof case.

    Anyway bottom line is these are extremely worth the 25$ price. I almost want to buy them in red or black! (I have the original silver ones.)

  • They work with virtually any phone. The metal ring sticks to the phone, around the camera lens. So yes it works perfectly on the 5, especially because the back is flat.

  • Thanks so much Erik for your thorough reply.
    Very helpful.

    Love the red ones !!!

  • Deal too good to pass up. I hope this site gets a cut!

  • Thanks. We do with all of these Stack Social deals. These lenses are regularly over $60 from photojojo.

  • So I’ve just got my lenses in the mail after more than a month of waiting and it is safe to say it’s a rip off. There are only two lenses not three, They don’t work with iPhone, the lenses don’t stay in place let alone the bad quality when I hold the lenses myself. Sorry but I feel like you guys don’t care about promoting a quality product more than getting the referral credit. I hope there is a way of getting a refund cause these are 25$ down the drain!

  • Sarah Jamison

    That is really weird. I received mine and they work great. You should contact Stack Social about this!