Amazon Fires Up Homepage Ad to Target the iPad mini

Share: has launched a new campaign that targets the iPad mini on its homepage. Apple’s latest 7.9″ tablet was touted as a better choice compared to 7″ widescreen tablets such as the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Fire HD.

Amazon has fired back at Apple by launching a full scale mockery of the iPad mini on its homepage. It starts off with a quote from a Gizmodo (of all places) and then compares their Kindle Fire HD to the iPad mini.

Check it out below:

Amazon told AllThingsD it had the ‘biggest day of sales’ the day after Apple’s iPad mini event. It’s unfortunate we’ll never know what this really means, because Amazon doesn’t release sales numbers on any of its products:

Amazon spokesperson Drew Herdener reported they were selling better than usual. “Wednesday was the $199 Kindle Fire HD’s biggest day of sales since launch and up 3x week over week,” according to a statement emailed to AllThingsD.

Although it’s a worthy comparison by Amazon, their ecosystem is limited to the US and the UK. For example, movie rentals are available in 62 different countries via iTunes, whereas Amazon just has two.

Check out this excellent graph by MacStories that notes the percentage of world population with access to various ecosystem services from Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon:

What do you think of this new campaign by Amazon? It’ll be interesting to see how long Amazon can continue to sell their hardware at cost in the long run and still make a profit, unlike their most recent fiscal quarter net loss, the first in years.

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  • until amazon actually makes there content usable in canada im going to have to pass

  • canadan

    I do really think it was crazy to create the iPad mini without retina display now that we’ve been accustomed to it with the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad plus the MacBook Pro. I would have never bought the iPad 3 unless it had retina display I knew they’d get slammed for this and they should have known it too. Having said that though, that’s one of the only things people can really bitch about because it’s still a good device.

  • WiTopia VPN service opens up so many options for us Canadians. Just sayin’. $70/year is worth it – Netflix US , Amazon Prime, Spotify alone are all worth it

  • Farmmer

    Yeah wtf… We don’t even get a store app in the iOS App Store

  • Albertan

    So dealing with Amazon who deletes user’s accounts – last time in Norway … Priceless …

  • ????Dennis

    You know Apple will be releasing a retina mini in March. Apple just wants to get rid of old stock (Samsung chips) and pull in some bonus cash during the holidays. I’m glad Amazon has this ad running. More competition takes Apple off their high horse and is better for consumers. Personally, I wouldn’t touch any other tablet right now other than an iPad, but glad others are.

  • UnblockUS is great too- works with Netflix US/UK etc, Hulu, amazon prime.. It’s $5 a month..

  • Cordova Bay

    It’s an AD!! There is nothing actually comparative in the AD! Amazon claims to be an online store yet the AD has a link to buy the Kindle HD but not the iPad. That should be a give away right there.

    In addition, never believe any “spec” provided by Amazon. For example, check the iPad listings. All the “new” iPads are listed in the specs as running iOS 5.0! Hmm… I guess they must have a horde on “old” “new” stock. Then there are other blatant errors like the iPad that is listed as having ATA storage.

    Yup. Amazon are really the tech marvels aren’t they!!

  • Cordova Bay

    Farmmer – I have no idea what you are saying…

  • wuju

    Agree with you. Will only consider iPad Mini if it has Retina.

  • JH

    I thought all the new iOS devices all have Mimo wifi? What was the point in putting that last line in there? I know it’s a product page for Amazon but at least know what you are talking about if you are going to put a spec that’s supposedly “in your favour”.

  • Cordova Bay

    Lets see. Dual speakers. That’s two. Sterio speakers. That’s two. Does that make dual sterio speakers four? Wow. That’s overkill but impressive for such a small device.

  • Farids

    I have an ipad3 I bought exactly 30 days ago. Yesterday, when I was putting it in a new smart case, when pressing the corner to lock it in, it went “crack and where I was pressing dented in. The glass just shattered in! No other place is broken. You can practically see my thumbprint on the glass!! Releasing iPad 4 so early May be related to low yield rate. Has anyone else experienced manufacturers faults in their iPad 3?