Apple iPad mini Pre-orders Sold Out in Canada, the USA and UK


Apple has completely sold out of their initial iPad mini pre-orders, as both and now show availability as “2 weeks”, and the UK as well. In Canada, initial orders for white iPad mini pre-orders showed 2 week availability from the start alongside the UK. Two days ago, black Wi-Fi models sold out in Canada and soon afterwards in the USA as well.

The images below show all models in both black and white in Wi-Fi with 2 week availability. Below is a screenshot from the Canadian online store:

…and the US online store:

…and the UK online store:

A quick check of other international online Apple stores in Italy, Germany and France have also sold out of pre-orders.

Even with the iPad mini’s starting price of $329, it appears consumers have decided to purchase the 7.9 inch tablet due to its lightweight form factor and robust ecosystem compared to rival 7 inch tablets.

Some iPad mini Smart Covers have already shipped and are expected to arrive in time for the tablet’s November 2nd launch date. Other iPad mini orders are currently ‘preparing for shipment’, as noted yesterday. We most likely will expect Apple to announce tomorrow morning a statement on the status of iPad mini pre-orders.

If you didn’t get your pre-order in by now, you will have to resort to buying locally from an Apple Store or reseller.

Thanks @fotoboi5!


  • juicy

    white iPad mini pre-orders in white…..good stuff

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yea good luck all….hope you aren’t subjected to flawed devices like the iphone 5’s have been. Waiting for device # 5 now…………told Apple if they get this one wrong to fuckin’ cancel my order tell my carrier to refund me the the subsidized amount and cancel Apple Care. Had enough of this shit!

  • Magrat22

    What was wrong with the ones you got? Just wondering what problems people are experiencing.

  • I’m still on iPhone 5 #1. It’s been great. What problems are you having consistently enough to return it four times (or have there been different problems each time?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    3 had light leak issue & the 4th was cosmetically damaged right out of the “Inspected By Apple Care” box

  • Geez … that sucks. I’d be just as frustrated if I had to deal with those issues out of the box. Hopefully they get it right this time.