Conan O’Brien Spoofs the iPad mini–Again [WATCH]


Conan O’Brien and his team spoofed the iPad mini four days ago to explain why we needed to buy one. Now, he has released another video detailing the iPad mini and other iPads coming from Apple. Check it out below (via The Loop; requires Flash):

Which iPad are you going to buy? There’s just too many choices!


  • Mark Roberts

    Video doesn’t load on my iPad.

  • HNg

    Where’s the video? Video was unable to load on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Looks like Conan’s embed is a Flash video…the only way for us to watch it.

  • djepsilon

    Definitely going with iPad Mini Mega Micro Max…. clearly the winner!

  • Dennis Simonin

    Requires FLASH? Again?! Will I have to buy a non-IOS tablet just to watch iPhone in Canada posts. Well, no. I search the web for a non-flash version. Hmmm

  • Shaun Brigs

    Are you dumb? The Flash video is posted via CONAN OBRIEN…iphoneincanada just posts them embed. The video is not allowed on YouTube as uploads get taken down for infringement. There’s no way around this.