Future Shop and Best Buy to Open at 8AM Friday for iPad mini Launch


This was expected (based on earlier Apple product launches) but we’ve just received confirmation from sources Future Shop and Best Buy stores will be opening at 8AM (local time) this Friday (regular opening hours are 10AM), November 2nd for the iPad mini and 4th gen iPad launch.

Our tipsters note a recent meeting detailed the iPad mini to be available on Friday along with accessories such as the new iPad mini Smart Cover. Future Shop noted to employees they plan to expect line ups at their locations from early iPad mini and 4th gen iPad adopters.

Both companies have iPad mini and 4th gen iPad landing pages on their websites, but due to Apple’s reseller agreements early confirmation they will be selling the device is not allowed. We expect other official resellers (ie London Drugs out West) to also carry the new iPads on launch, so check around your local area.

During Apple’s pre-order for the iPad mini, white models for Canada showed availability as ‘2 weeks’ from the start; eventually all pre-orders sold out, with Wi-Fi + Cellular models not available until “mid-November”, which Apple detailed at their special event.

Yesterday, iPad mini and 4th gen iPad reviews were published, with most reviewers enjoying the size, weight and build of the smaller iPad but noted the lack of Retina display as a shortcoming.


  • ????Dennis

    Hahaha! Who’s going to line up for an oversized iPhone 3GS?

  • Ouch!

    Gary Ng
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  • I am… and I’m not going to regret it.

  • gtasscarlo

    You’d be suprise with the answer to that question!

  • Erik Kappel

    If it had a Retina display, I would have bought this day one. Going to wait til it gets added to the mini before I consider buying it. Otherwise I love it. Looks cool, perfect size/weight. I’m really just waiting for the display to catch up!

  • Hank

    Totally agree with you Erik. I’d feel short changed if I buy that knowing they have the ability to use retina display on it but chose to cheap out. Worst, it costs twice than tablets of the same size with better specs out there. I love iOS devices but this? Not worth my hard earned money.

  • anon

    More like shruken iPad 2. Except, you can get an iPad 2 cheaper.. lol

  • anon

    Until they release the mini with retina display and A6x processor in march. DOH!

  • That is completely untrue. It does not cost nearly “twice as much” and there are no tablets the same size, the ipad mini is significantly larger than the tablets you are comparing it to.

  • No you can’t. The iPad 2 is $399.

  • pmarcovi

    And significantly lighter and with significantly better battery life, and with significantly better built quality. A retina display would have made this heavier and worse in battery life…

  • Dee

    You are right on the money….retina display will shorten the battery life….I only get 10 on my iPhone 5 as long as I don’t use the damn thing

  • Ken

    Totally agreed. I think it is a marketing tactics on Apple’s part. If they include everything in the initial release of the iPad mini, then what next? Now, they have something to say for the next “big” release; it is now with Retina display bla bla bla… They did similar things with the “New iPad” and 6 months later, introducing the “iPad 4”, seriously?

  • JN

    FYI, looks like neither Best Buy or Futureshop (in Toronto) have received iPad Mini shipments yet. They are expecting them “sometime today” but couldn’t confirm when and blamed the delay on Hurricane Sandy and Purolator.

  • Thanks for the info. I called staples and neither have they received their shipment due to the storm delay.

  • B

    Same delay in Barrie

  • NoOneCares

    Just go to Apple – there are no lines. Only a few hardcore people lined up.

  • And in Lethbridge as well. Best buy said sometime within a week. And future shop says anytime from this afternoon on.

  • Yeah, the black 64 can be had at bb or FS but I scored a black 32 at bb. Anyone else buying black? I wanted a white to match my 5.. Apple sq 1 still has some good selection but there is a lineup.