iPad mini Sold Out at Some Apple Stores in Canada


Today is the launch of the iPad mini and the 4th generation iPad. Earlier we reported lines were smaller than usual and after asking around, it appears some Apple retail locations have sold out of iPad minis:


  • Sly

    Good thing I pre-ordered within the first hour on 26th. Just received my black Mini from UPS, what a beauty 🙂

  • Best Buy future shop around the Hamilton area were All sold out

  • Just a quick question does anyone else have black dots on their screens ? They aren’t dead pixels it looks like dirt in between the screen and the glass there is 2 dots around the middle . You can only see them on a white screen .

  • Wayne

    Oakridge still have 32-64 gb black and white left when I was there around 4

  • gtasscarlo

    Can I ask why if you have an iPad already, which I’m assuming most of you have. Why get an iPad mini?

  • ????Dennis

    Hahaha! That’s because they rushed to get the old technology in there before March when they release the retina mini. The dots are just some kids sweat at Foxconn.

  • ????Dennis

    Of course they sold out…. Good old’ apple was going to make sure of that. They need to make hype for their overpriced product. But let me guess… Plenty of iPad 4’s around.

  • Olley

    I’ve got this mini for a friend who doesn’t have a credit card. For myself, I love my iPad 2 and don’t really see the reason to retire it yet… it’s been to many places with me on and off the ground. Never broke down or acting up. I’m fine with the display resolution as I had the original iPhone until last year when the 4S came out.

  • Venktesh T

    I dont know how people are crazy behind iCulture, I guess, it keeps you busy and thats the reason folks are free to gain it 🙂 Well, I use my iOS in playing Go Go Woony at max in my leisure time.. its a great going game and I can say everybody will enjoy it…Thanks

  • wtf

    hey a$$hole if you don’t have anything good to say don’t

  • ????Dennis

    I have something good to say… iPad mini with Retina in March! Hahaha suckers!

  • I did end up taking it into the apple store they looked it over and determined it to be “defective” . But they had no ipad mini’s left to swap it with. So I ended up getting the new iPad instead . Couldn’t be happier this retina display is absolute beautiful .

  • pmarcovi

    Got two: one for my 70 years old mother and one for my son.

  • gtasscarlo

    As long as you didn’t buy one for yourself.

  • Patrick

    I have the iPad 3 and recently took it on a business trip to Europe. It’s a great substitute for the awful entertainment systems that airlines typically offer. I loaded the thing up with videos and it did a pretty good job taking my mind off the 10 hour flight.

    But… it was a tad on the large size, adding weight to my carry-on and being a slightly awkward size for the fold-down tray, especially with a drink / snack also in play.

    So, I’m trying out the mini to see if it works better. I suspect it will. Just saw it today in the local Apple Store (white pre-order still 2 weeks away) and I don’t see all the anguish over the screen … it looks pretty darn good, not to mention the whole device is superbly built. Looking forward to that delivery truck coming to my door…