Apple: “Pre-Orders for iPhone 5 Have Been Incredible”


As if the iPhone 5 pre-orders from Apple haven’t gained enough attention in the past 15 hours or so, Apple has now chimed in with their thoughts to AllThingsD:

“Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,” Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris told AllThingsD. “We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.”

Yesterday’s midnight (PDT) rush for iPhone 5 pre-orders was relatively smooth, with the website handling the load after a slow start. After an hour or so, initial pre-orders sold out and the second wave was quoted a two week shipping date.

More importantly, it was the first time people were able to replace their existing iPhones units by placing iPhone 5 pre-orders via the Apple Store app–on their iPhones. Go figure.

Did you pre-order an iPhone today? Tell us what model you ordered here in our poll.


  • Cheers

    32GB white. And I think my current 4 model is mortally offended by my actions. To let me know just how embarrassing it was, it started losing about 10% battery/hour since 3:11 EST when I hit “Purchase” in the Apple Store app. Huh.

  • iFone

    That’s awesome! Your phone has emotions not even Siri can reproduce

  • ACltd

    I Phoned into Bell like i did for the 4S preorder. They said that this year they are not preordering through customer service despite the website saying you can. I went to Bell at 10 am and i was the only one there. they said i can pick it up on the 21st. black 64. Bell has been given NO 16 GB

  • I preordered my 32 GB white iPhone 5 in person at the Bell Aliant store in Bridgewater, NS, after struggling at home with Bell Mobility’s STUPID website that wouldn’t let me enter a PO Box as my credit card billing address (all our mail in my small town goes to a PO Box) and then giving me an error message saying my billing address didn’t match my credit card record. Derp. Like the previous poster, I was told that Bell had a VERY small number of 16 GB and they had all presold out. What the hell, it’s another $100.

  • gerry

    32GB white, through the Apple app.

  • PPink

    I rather buy it unlock than being cheap and go to my carrier. At least my phone is unlock and ready to be use anywhere I want. 🙂

  • FragilityG4

    I ordered mine through Rogers 64GB White … Was in place 112 now I’m in 108!

  • iPhoneComingSoon

    What time did you order?

  • FragilityG4

    6.12AM EST

  • I order Rogers online like at 6:40 am eastern and was number 277 I hope I can get it next Friday

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’m still curious as to why myself and several other commenters on this blog were given the “Apple store is unavailable” message for nearly an hour when trying to load the site in chrome and firefox, but it was working at the same time in Safari.

  • monkie

    32GB black from apple 🙂