CBC’s ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Spoofs the ‘iPad Mini’ and iPhone [WATCH]


CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes emailed us to tell about their latest parody that aired last night, a spoof on Apple’s upcoming iPad mini set to launch next week. The segment description is:

Apple’s CEO reveals the company’s newest product iPad-Mini, or was that the iPad-Maxi?

It starts off with a portrayal of Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage about to announce the next smaller iPad and then…okay, I won’t ruin it–check it out by watching it below (Flash video):

What did you think? Pretty funny stuff.


  • tcatcrb

    Seriously! A link to a flash video when most of us are reading this on iPhones or iPads.

  • We’re just the messenger. CBC needs to adopt iOS friendly videos. :/

  • toylover

    not the funniest skit I have ever seen… Guys, you’d better hang on to your day jobs for a while…

  • AbsolutReh

    About to say the same thing but Gary is right.

  • It was still pretty good, all things considered.

  • Funny thing is that the smaller version of the iPad (if it in fact does get announced this month) will fall smack between the iPad and the iPhone 5. This skit is not too far from the truth actually, as isn’t it just a grey area between the iPhone and the iPad? The “smaller” iPad will just be the blurry area in the middle. But… I bet even those who have both the iPad AND the iPhone will still buy the smaller iPad!! Apple – love them or hate them – are the smartest marketers on the planet.

    Thanks for posting that Gary… it is quite funny! Totally understand the flash thing… not your doing at all! People need to chill out a little! 🙂

  • Cheers Tim. 🙂

  • Ben

    Thanks for posting! I think it was really funny (more than the SNL skit)