Here Are the Blueprints for the iPhone 5 and Every iOS Device


Apple has released their detailed iPhone 5 blueprints for case manufacturers looking to build new accessories for the latest iPhone. You can check out the detailed .PDF here, which notes highly detailed dimensions.

The drawings are part of Apple’s developer resource page (which currently is open to the public) for case designers looking to make accessories for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can check out the dimensional drawings for every single iOS device and iPod here.

Note to self: Keep these away from Samsung.

[@joeljohnson via Gizmodo]


  • pacman

    This is lesson I learn from buying copycat. Expensive accessories and support of all sort, suppliers or Apple itself. Most maker wouldn’t invest heavily on Samsung because it’s mobile devices life cycle are short. Even the software is based on Android OS, is lack of serious long term commitment to ensure update is a quality update. Not to mention simply for nice looking and cheap cover or screen guard at decent price at your local discount store. I am going to avoid Samsung for now.