iOS 6 Remembers your International Keyboard within iMessage


For those that iMessage friends in another language, iOS 6 now remembers your international keyboard for each chat, as noted by MacStories:

Like I said, I like to think sometimes Apple listens. As @SiVola told me earlier today on Twitter, the Messages app of iOS 6 is now capable of automatically selecting an international keyboard based on the last one you used in a conversation.

Pretty handy, eh? I can see a lot of people appreciating this.


  • cjaxx

    Funny how the simplest things can be so great. Really glad about that feature.

  • yeah its the small things that make some things better then others.

  • Kirk

    Really? That’s very cool.. Some of my friends I text in Spanish and others English.. I will certainly try that out..

  • Aslam Nathoo

    Thank you Apple… this is the kind of attention to detail that I appreciate in your products! Please keep including small and lovely features like this.

  • Marco

    I text and email in 3 languages (spanish, english and french) and with the auto-correction thing, it can get messy sometimes…. could Siri do the same?…. recognize the commands in any language?