Is Samsung Spamming Twitter About Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5 Display Shootout?



Yesterday, DisplayMate‘s Dr. Raymond M. Soneira published a display technology comparison of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 with both its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, and its main competitor, the iPhone 5, which concluded that Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone has finally caught up to Apple’s Retina display technology. Interestingly, Fortune points out that when the results got reported on Twitter, “identical tweets were posted over and over again — not retweeted, reposted — under different accounts”. Could this be Samsung’s doing?

Twitter babes

Samsung’s Agents? [Image via Fortune]

Below are a couple of versions of such tweets highlighted by Fortune’s Philip Elmer:

Study shows display on Samsung Galaxy S4 trumps its predecessor, matches the Apple iPhone 5: DisplayMate condu…

Study suggest GALAXY S 4 display matches iPhone 5 quality: According to research study by Displaymate Technolo…

The tweets were posted repeatedly with links to the DisplayMate report. Also, judging from the photos attached to the accounts (shown above), they were posted by some particularly “comely tweeters”.

“This is not a bunch of fans just bragging about their great device,” writes reader Walt French, who spotted the repeats. “I’m gonna guess this is somehow Sammy’s PR shop.”

I can’t prove it. But having seen what one article critical of Samsung dirty tricks did to the Apple 2.0 comment stream, I wouldn’t put it past them

Well, what do you think guys?


  • I would like to meet some of Samsungs spammers… you know… to verify their photos

  • haha

  • Druter

    Wow you can really tell how worried apple fans are about their beloved ios’ inevitable slide from second to third place. You have to attack the market leader, redefine the measures of success to keep ios on top. This stuff just gets funnier and funnier

  • Johnydrama

    Get out of here you Samesung shill. Scamsung is just a fast copier, not an innovator. Just look at the GS3 to GS4. It’s a minor upgrade with gimmicky features. Might as well be called the GS3S, LOL!

  • Steve

    And what innovations has the iPhone brought to the table recently, besides nothing? A bigger 4″ display? Ohhh… Ahhhh… LOL

  • Johnydrama

    Uh oh, looks like Druter’s best buddy is here to back him up?? awww, how cute. lmao

    The modern smartphone is thanks to the iPhone in 2007. Aside from incredible build quality (not cheap, made in china plastic that Samesung continues to charge users $650 for) is what the iPhone shows the world.

    the iPhone 5 camera beats the hell out of any smartphone today. There’s a reason it’s the most popular camera on Flickr.

    Samesung phones are massive, that’s the only way to get decent battery life out of these phones. It’s sad that Samesung has ruined the stock Android experience and had to bog it down with its crappy skin and bloatware, still a laggy OS compared to iOS. Try again, Samesung. Just launch 1000 phones per year and see what sticks. Surreee, lol.

    People who buy Android are just inherently poor and cannot afford the iPhone, so they need to hate on it.

    bye bye Druter and Steve! enjoy sitting in a tree together 🙂

  • Steve

    I can’t help but laugh at the complete ignorance of die-hard iOS users, such as yourself. You’ve obviously never tried the latest Andriod phones, as you’d know that lag is a thing of the past. You can also customize it to be a plain as iOS if you want. Complaining about build quality? Ever hear of the HTC One? Perhaps if you removed head from ass, you’d see the light. LOLZ