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If you haven’t noticed, we have been working on updating our forums and cleaning them up for a better experience. Thanks to the help of @Senators24, they are now back up and running.

The forums are a great place to have in-depth discussions about the iPhone, troubleshooting, news, rumours, carrier issues/plans, accessories, and more with your fellow enthusiasts.

Click here to visit the forums, and register today.

Forums Relaunch Contest!

We will be giving out a free iPhone 4S invisibleSHIELD (or maybe two or three!) to celebrate the launch of the forums.

How to enter? Easy. Just post a comment inside this thread to enter! Users must have a requirement of at least 5 posts to be eligible.

Good luck!


  • Anonymous

    I’m happy the forum is back up. I wasn’t sure what was going on with it

  • Anonymous

    Awesome ! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Good to know everything is back in order.

  • Carsonjstark

    No jobs anywhere near me…. Anyone else live in Vancouver/Fraser Valley have jobs available?

  • Nick

    Comment 😉 actually I do have something to say.. iPhone 4 for sale 32gb factory unlocked good condition black with AppleCare. Local sales only (victoria, BC). Email

  • Nick

    Forgot the price – $550. Cheaper than other online listings I’ve seen for a 32gb iPhone.

  • Kraken

    Didn’t even know there were forums here.

  • iVictoria

    Hey Gary: I’m glad to hear that the iPhone in Canada Forums are now more user friendly and back up and running.  They are the first place I look when I have a question about my iPhone. Cheers, iVictoria

  • Kellie Inkster


  • Peter

    Hey I know this is off topic but there is an eBay seller claiming the Blue Gevey Sim Unocks the new iPhone 4S and he has an auction going right now??
    Has anybody tried this yet???
    Would be great to know. Thanks

  • Jarndt08

    Definitely happy the forums are back up! Now I have my go to place for questions re: my iPhone back! I can stop bugging you guys on Twitter 😉 love this site!!

  • Bvan37

    I’m excited the forums are back, and they layout seems really sweet!

  • JustinB

    Glad to se them back. Always found them to be the bext place to look for the info I needed

  • Anonymous

    Glad their back!!

  • Kevin Lee

    So glad you guys are back and refreshed!

  • Thomasctfung

    good news!

  • Zilly

    You guys rock! 🙂

  • Frankie

    I thought iphoneincanada can’t get any better… Well, I was wrong 🙂

  • Frankie

    I thought iphoneincanada can’t get any better… Well, I was wrong 🙂

  • Frankie

    Hey Garry,
    There is a glitch. The registration’s denied me and called me a spammer.

  • Take a screenshot?

    It searches through databases of known spammers on other sites, via your email and IP, only way it would deny you is if you are on forums “bad list” as you can call it. Try again though, what is the username/email you are trying to use?

  • Frankie

    Its the first time I’m registering so I can’t possibly be on the bad list. I’m using the name Frankie. As for the email, it’s the same I used to leave this comment and the message to you in the forum.

  • Frankie

    No to mention I’ve never been in any bad list

  • I can’t see the email you used here 🙁

    Email me admin at let me know its you, and ill make you an account since it won’t go through (Weird since you’re the first to bring this up) lol