Adobe Finally Brings HTTP Live Streaming to iOS


Adobe gave a demo of HTTP Live Streaming, a protocol created by Apple, at the 2011 National Association of Broadcasters trade show. This new video capability is an addition to its Flash Media Server, which will now give support to iOS devices.

We all remember Steve Jobs and his position on Adobe’s Flash. It appears Adobe has caved and will now enable live video content to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch via integrating the HTTP Live Streaming into its media server.

Here’s a demo below by Adobe’s Senior Product Manager for Flash Media Server:

This is exciting news for consumers, as with this new addition we could very well see more content from providers for our iOS devices.

[Adobe via Arstechnica]


  • Luca

    its about time im using sky fire at the moment for flash its not bad its slow to load a video but getting flash will be amazing

  • Vas

    This is great news! Has Abode already deployed this or is there a timeframe for its implementation?

  • cac

    In the video you’d hear them say that it’s a demonstration of future technology, so it’s not deployed and there’s no timeframe.

  • i use that occasionally as well, but nowhere near as much recently as sites have been moving over to HTML5. I think that Adobe finally saw that people where using alternatives, and when apple starts supporting MS silver-light over your product you got to know they not your friend lol. Its a bit late in my opinion, like i said, more and more sites aren’t relying on Adobe or has set up for both. I for one am happy to see the end of their monopoly, and with the new build of windows out, and seeing they have a pdf reader integrated as does apple, its probably do or die time for them.