Apple is Alienating Die-Hard Macintosh Fans


A recent article at Bloomberg has highlighted how Mac is getting far less attention at Apple than it once did, essentially alienating the die-hard fans of Macintosh. Interviews with people familiar with Apple’s inner workings have revealed that the Mac team has lost clout with the famed industrial design group led by Jony Ive and the company’s software team.


It is being said that “a lack of clear direction from senior management and departures of key people working on Mac hardware and technical challenges” have delayed the roll-out of new computers. While the Mac generates about 10% of Apple sales, the Cupertino company can’t afford to alienate professional designers and other business customers.

Peter Kirn, founder of a website for music and video creators, says that Apple has no real vision for what its most creative users actually do with their most advanced machines.

The internal turmoil has taken a toll. More than a dozen engineers and managers working on Mac hardware have left for different Apple teams or other companies in the past year and a half, said people familiar with the situation. Some were looking for a less all-consuming work environment, while others felt the future of Mac hardware was unclear in a world of iPhones and iPads. 

Still, Apple hasn’t given up on Macs. In a recent company Q&A session, employees asked whether Mac desktop computers remain strategically important. “We have great desktops in our roadmap. Nobody should worry about that,” Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said.

For 2017, Apple is said to be preparing only minor upgrades, such as USB-C ports and a new Advanced Micro Devices graphics processor for the iMac.


  • Dominic

    I do admit I think they need to up the ante (don’t know how to spell that word). Microsoft and Google are getting more and more promising and solid of a platform. Appe has based themselves off of an exclusive type of trend. Microsoft and Google almost seem to be successfully pushing Apple goers to leer more at their products. Especially with beautiful all around branding / marketing and support like never before. They have an easier to use product and made synchronicity of both hardware and software something that was an oddity outside of Apple and BlackBerry. Frankly the Pixel has gotten quite a bit of my attention and the Surface did too. Fortunately Apple got my investment with their 15″ laptop that Microsoft has not made and I also bought an iPhone last year so I can hold off. The question is for Apple : how much longer are you going to roll the dice, before you risk losing it all ?

  • hlna55

    Not including the iPhone (yet?) I’ve already made the journey you describe and it has been surprisingly pleasant.

  • xxxJDxxx

    A Mac is still my primary computing device, but I certainly wasn’t impressed with the new macbook. Apple seems to be prioritizing form over function. I feel alienated.

  • Either Apple has big plans for the Mac which we don’t know about (complete rethinking) or they see it as a dying market and are transitioning us all to iOS. Too bad Android is better IMO.

  • iMac

    I have been a diehard Mac user since 2000.

    Increasingly iMacs are becoming less friendly to user upgrading and the upgrades are becoming fewer and farther between. The last thing I want in a new iMac is thinner at the cost of repairability. Sadly that is how things appear to be going.

    Unless things change my next mac will probably be a clone that I will build that for sure will be faster and cheaper.

    Apple seems to be abandoning the desktop and instead focus on services and iPhones.

  • Tim

    I’m planning to ditch Apple when I buy my next laptop. The latest upgrade appears to have been horribly flawed and, as the article mentions, the rest of the line is getting little attention. It’s insane how capable some of the PC offerings are for substantially less cost, while now having as good, if not better, industrial design.

  • Dominic

    Glad to hear, frankly if I had ANY idea how to use a Windows device (past seven) it could have changed my decision.

  • hlna55

    I was in the same exact boat but to my shock and awe, you don’t have to be an “autoexe.bat or config.sys” expert anymore to be a windows user and I picked it up again in very short order. I cant see owning anything more that a surface pro tablet for a very long time… and oddly enough, I actually get the advertised battery life!!! usually 4.5 hours without doing anything crazy and even longer for movie watching!!

  • Corey Beazer

    I haven’t liked a single product they released this year. I was due for an update for my phone and laptop. Holding off for now.

  • hlna55

    I think this is the first time EVER that a “not so positive” article about Apple has been released… and almost every agrees… this is in fact an ominous sign that Apple has lost the thread on their computing options. I say… meh… 3-4 years ago I would have been defending Mac computers but I couldn’t agree more with, as it were in this case, just about everyone!

  • BigCat

    A company named Microsoft is still around. So, in terms of sluggish and confusing product development I would say Apple has aways to go before they fall apart.

    I can still remember spending entire weekends reloading and configuring Windows. Since switching to Apple products my tech & computer life is completely uneventful.

    Obviously I am in the minority here, but I am completely fine with the current Apple offerings. If I find a better tech solution from another company then I will simply adopt it.

  • Joe

    I work for a video and graphics company that has been exclusively using Mac hardware since the 90’s. Although I can’t criticize the iMac very much, the fact that Apple has failed to update the Mac Pro in over 3 years is the main reason why my company is strongly considering a move to Windows/Linux workstations. We always chose Apple despite the premium cost because MacOS always seemed to be more stable and require less IT support.

    El Capitan and Sierra have been basically useless to us (all our workstations are still running Yosemite or Mavericks). In addition to this, Apple’s hardware hasn’t managed to keep up. With Windows/Linux, we can easily build a 2x more powerful computer for 1/2 the price.

    If Apple wants to continue making laptops and iMacs for students, then I guess they’re following the right model. But if they care about creative working professionals (the ones who kept Apple alive during the 90’s), then they need to inject some new life into the flailing Mac lineup.

  • Dehop

    Due to some of their frustrating hardware and software design decisions, I stopped actively defending Apple and pushing their stuff a couple years ago. They’ve got the billions, they “know what they’re doing”, they can win customers by themselves without my unpaid efforts.