Apple Highlights iPhone X Reviews from Worldwide Media


Apple this morning issued a press release to highlight iPhone X reviews, taking select quotes praising the newest iPhone.

After testing iPhone X, reviewers from around the world are giving their impressions of its beautiful 5.8-inch Super Retina display, TrueDepth camera, Face ID and Animoji.  Read what they’re saying about the future of the smartphone.

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The company mentions reviews from Mashable, BuzzFeed, Creative Live Blog, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, The Evening Standard and TechCrunch.

This year, Apple modified its typical review strategy, allowing a handful of YouTube channels first dibs on sharing hands-on with the device, while offering most reviewers only 24 hours with iPhone X, and only a select few media outlets extended time with the smartphone (BuzzFeed, TechCrunch, Mashable).

iPhone X launches in Canada on Friday, November 3rd. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on this latest iPhone once we get our grubby hands on it in two days.


  • hlna55

    Any reviews from people that weren’t paid yet?

  • Olley

    The verge and Apple used to be best buds… now they broke up because Apple ran to Buzzfeed the lord of garbage news and liberal propaganda.

  • Stefan

    Yea from that girl who’s dad is an Apple engineer. Well ex Apple engineer. X)

  • Ned K.

    Apple is so desperate that they let YouTubers get X earlier for free! Of course they would give positive reviews.

  • Cornfed710

    I’m not paid. It’s definitely the best iPhone I’ve ever used. I got used to much sooner than I anticipated.