Apple is Conceptualizing and Prototyping Wearable Devices


According to the New York Time’s Nick Bilton, Apple has reportedly spent the last year developing and testing wearable devices that will augment and extend the functionality of smartphones.

The prototyped wearable device would send and receive data from your smartphone. In this senario, the smartphone could stay behind the scenes and users would interact primarily with these wearable peripherals.

A person with knowledge of the company’s plans told me that a “very small group of Apple employees” had been conceptualizing and even prototyping some wearable devices. […] Apple has also experimented with prototype products that could relay information back to the iPhone. These conceptual products could also display information on other Apple devices, like an iPod, which Apple is already encouraging us to wear on our wrists by selling Nanos with watch faces.

One prototyped device is described as a “curved-glass iPod” that wraps around the wrist and responds to commands using Siri. Bluetooth 4.0 increases the possibility of such a device. Whereas Bluetooth 2.0 can take up to six-seconds to pair, Bluetooth 4.0 does the task in six-milliseconds. It also offers the convenience of an extremely low-power and low-latency wireless transfer.

A year ago, Apple hired wearable computer expert Richard DeVaul. He is believed to be developing prototypes under the guidance of Jonathan Ive. However, he only lasted 18 months at Apple before moving on to Google where he is presumably working on similar projects. There’s no timeframe for this next step in smartphone evolution.

The iPod nano watches are cool, but would be even cooler if they could communicate with an iPhone.


  • Ckd

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of the right people at google or apple,for these type of prototype? I have been build and deisigning wrist holders for five years.wearing them and testing them in the real world.then kept refing them till they are perfect.i have had hundreds of people tell me i should patient them .problem is like many people out there ,cant afford to barely get buy. If anyone has thoughts or soultions please contact me email. My name is CHRISTIAN.
    Also have all kinds of cool practial holders for ipad and other tablets and smart phones .i just want to try to get anhold of someone who is interested to market and gget then to market.

  • Anonymous

    I think you a need to study the English language before trying to reach these companies.

  • sp

    spell check is very useful at times

  • KS

    he sound like an illiterate nerd

  • Rog

    If you can barely afford to get by, you should stop buying iphones and ipads.

  • Anonymous

    Ok yes, spelling, money need work. Those things aside.. 

    You need to develop a well constructed pitch, develop some “mass producible” models. Fundraise by pitching your product and business plan to some angel investors. And, get in touch with some manufacturing companies overseas to get estimates on production cost.

    That being said, there are better ways to spend your time and money right now. So many case companies (well trusted companies) already dominate the market for this type of accessory and competing with them will be a struggle.

  • Jp

    Left Apple to go o Google …. Project Glass maybe?