Apple Posts Job Openings To Help Reduce iOS 6 Maps Issues [REPORT]


Apple may have known that their mapping application wasn’t the “the best mapping program on any mobile platform,” prior to the public release on Wednesday. After taking harsh criticism by many online news outlets, Apple reportedly came public about how they plan on fixing the issue.

It all turns out that Apple posted job openings on their website for a range of software engineers to work at its offices in Santa Clara Valley, California. Sources of ZDNet have said Apple plans to use the engineers within the mapping category.

Most of the roles are for different skills, but they give a fair idea of what Apple will be focusing on as it assembles its team of software engineers to improve maps.

Some of the new hires will be looking at improving how the app renders 3D flyover models, generates terrain, and renders roads. According to the job description, doing so will require knowledge of C++ and “advanced shader techniques,” with an emphasis on getting maps to work on different hardware platforms.

Apple is banking on iOS 6 Maps being a huge hit because they dumped Google Maps although it was a feature since the iPhone’s release in 2007. But if you try to look at the bright side of things right now, at least we have turn-by-turn directions and 3D mode. Those were features that Google wouldn’t lease out to Apple’s operating system.

So if you’re looking for a job as a software engineer, what’s more perfect than doing work for Apple?


  • excaliburca

    Yes they do have 3D and turn by turn… which is only available on the 4S and 5. Welcome to the world of fragmentation.

    On the plus side at least it looks like Apple is trying to fix the problem with Maps. They better do it soon or this will blow up to the proportions of AntennaGate.

  • Etdashou

    “Those were features that Google wouldn’t lease out to Apple’s operating system.”

    Care to give any proof for that?

  • Sure would have been nice of they had done this *before* forcing the new half-baked maps down our throats.

  • RyanStOnge

    Yes I will, give me a second to remember where I read that an I will link you. I heard it many times before and yesterday.

  • RyanStOnge

    Okay here you go, third answer down. I read it on a techcrunch article the other day too, but I can’t find it. It has been a well know fact that Google won’t license them turn-by-turn though:

  • Etdashou

    I am sorry but a post on APPLE forum is far far far -FAR- away proof about that.

    I have read multiple times from users that it was Google fault, but nowhere I have seen anything to prove it.

  • RyanStOnge

    Okay here is the proof, it really just takes thinking. I can’t find the source I read it from…:

    Why didn’t Google Maps on iOS have turn-by-turn? The Android version does. The only possible reasoning is that Google wouldn’t license them those specific features. Look at what Apple did with iOS 6 Maps. They added turn-by-turn right away. If Google offered them the TBT feature, you know they would of added it. It was one of the top ongoing user requests.

    It’s not that hard to understand. I’m not even sure why we are having this conversation because it is common sense really.

  • Etdashou

    I’m sorry but this is personal opinion. I respect your opinion that you think that this is the reason, fine.

    But personally I don’t think it is true. And I still never saw an official article on that.

  • bradg17

    Ryan I remember reading it too. I’m not gonna even bother looking for it cause all these assholes are gonna say we’re lying before they even look into it. Fuck em I know I read it somewhere. I didn’t just think that up myself lol cause I don’t care enough to think of reasons why it wouldn’t be on there.

  • IOS6_maps_UGGGH

    ” Apple may have known that their mapping application wasn’t the ”the best mapping program on any mobile platform,” ”
    LOL, was not the Best mapping program, how about it is the worst mapping program. I am not honestly aware of one mapping program that isn’t better than the IOS6 maps.
    For people wanting a turn by turn solution on the iPhone, check out Waze. I am not happy with the search result for stores, but once you get the address correct it does a good job of turn by turn and re-routing due to traffic patterns.
    IOS6 is a complete FAIL on many levels